Police Briefs 01-31-2019


On January 14, officers responded to a
matter being investigated by the School Resource Officers alleging an assault
by means of a dangerous weapon, a knife. Officers spoke to a juvenile male who
reported being assaulted by another juvenile male while heading home from the
Browne Middle School. As the result of this investigation, an identification
was made of a 14-year-old juvenile male suspect that was taken into custody a
short time later. No injuries reported, and no weapon was recovered. Officers
are continuing to work with the schools for ongoing safety concerns.

A 14-year-old juvenile was charged with
assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (knife) and assault and battery.


On Jan. 15, around 11:33 p.m., officers were
called to assist an MBTA bus driver for unruly female shouting at passing cars.
Officers arrived and encountered said female shouting obscenities at
officers. Despite efforts to calm her down, she continued her tirade and
was placed into custody for disorderly person without further incident.

Krysten Kulch, 32, of 58 Garfield Ave., was
charged with disorderly conduct.


On Thursday, Jan. 17, detectives were
conducting an ongoing drug investigation in the Prattville area after

complaints were received. Detectives arranged to contact a potential source of
narcotics and subsequently arranged a purchase to be made. After the suspect
agreed to meet the officers to sell narcotics at a prearranged spot, the
officers observed him to arrive. He met the undercover officer to exchange an
amount of US currency for what appeared to be Heroin. The suspect was taken
into custody without further incident.

Jose Gonzalez, 48, 105 Garfield Ave., was
charged with distribution of a Class A drug (heroin) and unlicensed operation
of a motor vehicle.


Officers received a call from dispatch
regarding a drug transaction that was witnessed by a civilian in Bellingham
Square. Based on the phone call and independent observations corroborating this
tip, Officers encountered two individuals at the McDonalds in Bellingham
Square. Officers then conducted an independent investigation and developed
probable cause to arrest one subject for the Distribution of a Class C
Substance as well as an outstanding warrant from the Roxbury District Court.
The second subject was identified and criminal charges are being sought for the
Possession of Class C.

William Falasca, 34, of Medford, was charged
with distribution of a Class C drug and one warrant.


Police Briefs 01-31-2019

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