Thank You, Bob Deleo

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10
years since Winthrop/Revere State Rep. Bob DeLeo was elected the Speaker of the
House by his colleagues. (Yes, time flies.)

We wish to make note of the 10th anniversary
of Speaker DeLeo’s ascension to that post because it was marked by two
significant events that occurred in January, 2009.

First, Bob was chosen
by his colleagues after a succession of House Speakers had been forced to
resign because of various scandals, the last having been Sal DiMasi, who was
indicted on corruption charges by federal prosecutors for which DiMasi
eventually was convicted and sentenced to time in federal prison.

The second was that Bob assumed the
Speakership amidst the greatest economic downturn to face not only
Massachusetts, but the entire country (and the world) since the Great

Needless to say, January of 2009 was a
difficult period for anyone to become Speaker of the House, given the history
of the House during the previous decade and the enormity of the challenges that
the state was facing.

However, from the perspective of looking
back over the past 10 years, it is fair to say that Bob DeLeo has been more

responsible both for restoring the people’s faith in our legislature and for
guiding our state through an incredibly-difficult fiscal

period than any other person in state

Governors have come and gone, as have State
Senate presidents, but the one constant has been the steady hand of Bob DeLeo
at the helm of the House of Representatives.

Not only has Bob DeLeo been the principal
architect of a state budget process that has been both prudent and
forward-looking, but he, more than any other person on Beacon Hill, has been
able to bring together disparate groups and has worked with both the Senate and
Republican administrations to create an atmosphere of collegiality that is
unparalleled in our nation today.

The achievements in our state over the past decade under the Speakership
of Bob DeLeo are a testament to the ability of one person to have a profound
effect upon the lives of the people he serves — and Massachusetts
unquestionably is a better place thanks to Bob DeLeo’s tenure as Speaker of the
House for the past 10 years.

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Thank You, Bob Deleo

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