Guaranteed to Make You Smile: Drs. Mobed and Parsi Find Great Success

Dr. Fardad Mobed and Dr. Lily Parsi
certainly have a lot in common.

Both are scholars, which goes without
saying. They hold degrees in engineering: Dr. Mobed, a Bachelor’s in Electrical
Engineering, Dr. Parsi, three advanced degrees in Civil, Water Resources, and
Computer System Engineering.

Both attended dental school in the Boston
area. Dr. Mobed completed his dental training at Boston University while Dr.
Parsi studied at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

But perhaps, most significantly, they share
the same home address. Dr. Mobed and Dr.
Parsi are husband and wife, the parents of two children.

And they have been practicing dentistry
together at their state-of-the-art offices, Northgate Dental, located at 603
Broadway that has been in existence for 27 years. Dr. Mobed is an endodontist
specializing in root canal surgery. Dr. Parsi is a pedodontist specializing in
children’s dentistry.

Dr. Mobed began his practice in 1992 at the
Northgate Shopping Center before moving to Broadway. Dr. Parsi joined the practice in 2008. They also have a
dental practice in Brookline.

Yes, they do work side by side in the Revere
office, though as Dr. Parsi states, “I treat the children. He treats mostly

Of course, everyone asks the question,
“What’s it like for a couple to work together?”

“It’s great – we really support each other
quite a bit,” said Dr. Parsi. “I feel it’s good to know that you can trust the
other person 100 percent.”

Dr. Samantha Bogle is the orthodontist at Northgate. Dr. Joey
Chang is the oral surgeon and the director of the pre-doctoral program at Tufts
School of Dental Medicine.

Do Dr. Mobed and Dr. Parsi talk about
dentistry at home during dinner?

“Unfortunately, a lot,” Dr. Parsi said,

“We go to dental conferences together but we
attend different lectures,” added Dr. Mobed.

The dentists have stayed on top of the major technological advances in their profession and their offices feature the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

“I think one of the biggest changes have
been in CT scans and microscopes, and everybody gets white fillings instead of
silver fillings,” said Dr. Mobed.

Dr. Parsi said preventive care should begin
early. “The primary goal in pediatric dentistry is to prevent cavities, so we

want to see children as early as 6 months old, but no later than the first year
of age,” said Dr. Parsi. “Because the objective is to teach the parents how to
take care of their children, ideally so the children will never have cavities,
rather than seeing them at the time when there are already cavities in the

Dr. Parsi said Northgate wants to be “a dental home for families, so patients know where to go when there are issues, but hopefully we can prevent these issues from happening.”

27 years in

Dr. Mobed has been a practicing dentist in
Revere for 27 years. He has treated two generations of families who have been
coming to Northgate Dental.

“I like the people,” said Dr. Mobed. “It’s a
good community and they’re appreciative of what you do for them.”

“I’ve had patients who I saw when they were
very little, and now they now see him,” said Dr. Parsi. “Depending on the
patient’s personality, anywhere between the ages 15-18, they’re ready to see
the adult dentist.”

She is proud to see her patients dedicating
themselves to dental care and prevention.

“I’m especially happy to see the children
whom I’ve seen six months old, because they end up being very healthy, and it
makes me sad when somebody whom I’ve never seen, comes in to the office and
they have major needs. I’m glad we’ve made such a strong connection to families
that we’ve known for a long time. It’s very satisfying.”

Dr. Parsi recommends that her patients have
regular dental check-ups every six months.

Interestingly Dr. Mobed came to the United
States from Iran 40 years ago with the goal of becoming a professional soccer

He accomplished that goal, earning a spot on
the Boston Teamen professional team that was based in Framingham.

One of his fondest soccer memories was
playing for an Iranian team that had an exhibition game in that country against
Brazil and Pele, arguably the greatest soccer player in history.

“In 1978, Brazil came to Iran for some
exhibition games when Pele was at the top of his game and was most famous at
that time,” recalled Dr. Mobed. “I was fast, but too skinny, otherwise I
wouldn’t be a dentist now.”

But fortunately for their many patients, Dr. Fardad Mobed and Dr. Lily
Parsi are dentists now and they look forward to continuing their successful
partnership at Northgate Dental for many years to come.

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Guaranteed to Make You Smile: Drs. Mobed and Parsi Find Great Success

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