Police Briefs 02-28-2019

By Seth Daniel & Paul Koolloian

Blocking the Way

On Feb. 11, at 10:05 a.m., an officer on
foot patrol in Bellingham Square observed a group blocking the foot traffic in
front of 427 Broadway – forcing a family with a small child to walk onto the
street. One male became agitated at the officer’s request to move and
became load and disorderly while refusing to move. The officer with the assistance
of other officers placed the male into custody after a brief struggle.

Michael Catino, 35, of East Boston, was
charged with assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Crack Cocaine Bust

On Feb. 12 the Chelsea Police executed
a search warrant at 90 Chestnut St. #3. The search warrant was the result of an
investigation into a male subject for the distribution of crack cocaine from
that address. During the course of the investigation, the CPD purchased
narcotics from the address. The male subject was placed into custody.

John Venete, 33, of 90 Chestnut St., was
charged with possession to distribute cocaine.

Squattin’ in the Cellar

On Feb. 15, officers were dispatched to
26-28 Spencer Ave. for the report of two unwanted individuals. The
officers spoke to the landlord who led them to the basement of the property.

Officer’s located two males in the basement. Next to the men was a handful of
needles and drug paraphilia. One male was found to have illegal pills on his
person. Both were arrested.

Jeff Bosquet, 36, of Everett; and Stephen
Morgan, 30, of 55 Heard St., were both charged with trespassing and possession
of a Class C drug.

Broke into Van

On Feb. 16, at 2:45 a.m., officers were on
patrol in the area of the Bellingham Street Bridge by the Silver Line Overpass
when they observed a motor vehicle in the middle of the road with its lights
off, parked next to a van. As the officers approached the vehicle, two males
and a female known to the officers exited the vehicle. The car had a broken
rear window. The officers made contact with the owner who responded and told
officers the window had no damage when he parked the car earlier. The victim
also told officers that tools were also missing from the car. All three were
placed under arrest.

Jeff Bosquet, 36,
of Everett; David Kerns, 43, of Revere; and Jaclyn Doucette, 29, of Revere;
were all charged with breaking and entering in the night for a felony and
larceny/receiving stolen property under $1,200.

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Police Briefs 02-28-2019

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