Licensing Commission Close to Vote on Marijuana Regulations

With plans to host four recreational
marijuana shops already at some phase of readiness in Chelsea, the Licensing
Commission is nearing a final vote on regulations for special additional rules
for those establishments.

On March 7, the Commission continued a
public hearing on the regulations, focusing on the topics of application fees,
locations of the pot shops, and security.

Commission Chair Mark Rossi said the
Commission should be ready to take a final vote on the regulations at its meeting
in early April.

The City is limited to four retail marijuana

Those shops will already be vetted heavily
before they reach the Licensing Commission for final approval. Other approvals
include a host agreement in place from the City and approved by the state’s
Cannabis Control Commission, as well as any necessary approvals from the City’s
Zoning and Planning Boards.

Rossi said the Licensing Commission will
grant the retail pot shop licenses in much the same manner as it does for
liquor licenses.

One of the questions raised by an early
draft of the Licensing Commission regulations was whether the Commission should
limit the shops to one or two per voting district.

The City ordinance already limits the
establishments to three zoning districts — Industrial, Shopping Center, and
Business Highway zones.

By the end of last week’s hearing, there was
general agreement among the commissioners that there would not be a restriction
on how close the pot shops can be to one other.

City Councillor-At-Large Roy Avellaneda
agreed that was the right move on the issue.

“I would oppose any sort of restriction on
the number of feet from one place to another,” he said. “We already have zoning
in place in the city and we don’t need to add another layer to that; we don’t
do it for other businesses.”

The Commission also agreed on a $500
application fee and $5,000 yearly renewal fee for the marijuana businesses.

While there were some questions about the
Commission’s role in looking at security at the establishments, City Solicitor
Cheryl Watson Fisher noted that there are already strong security requirements
from the state, and requirements are also written into the host agreements with
the prospective businesses.

Commissioner Roseann Bongiovanni said she
would still like to look at the host agreements to see how they address
security before taking the final vote next month.

“I don’t think security is going to be an
issue,” said Commissioner James Guido, adding it is more likely traffic that
could cause some issues.

According to the proposed regulation, the
Licensing Commission would not issue a license to anyone who has violated
Licensing Commission rules and regulations in the past five years. All licenses
are subject to zoning approval and state Cannabis Control Commission approval.

The operating
hours for retail shops will be limited to 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and all signage
will have to be approved by the City, according to Fisher.

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Licensing Commission Close to Vote on Marijuana Regulations

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