Council Calls for Administration to Draft Strategies in Lieu of Parking Study

The City Council has asked that City Manager
Tom Ambrosino use the next month to figure out some new parking strategies for
the city instead of spending a hefty sum on a major Parking Study.

Ambrosino said the Council had instructed
him to put out a bid for a parking study late last year, but there was only one
bidder on the project. That bid did not include the whole city and was more
than $200,000.

On Monday, the Council held a Committee
meeting to discuss the next steps, steps that don’t include spending such a sum
on a study.

“The Council at the end of the meeting on
Monday wanted to explore the idea of internal remediation before proceeding
with an expensive outside study,” he said.

Ambrosino said he and his administration
will spend the next month “brainstorming” some ideas and recommendations to
help with the parking bottleneck in many areas of the City – including the

Ambrosino said they do see it as a problem

in several aspects of the city.

“There’s no question it’s a problem in the
city,” he said. “There are way too many cars and not enough parking spaces.
There is no simple solution to that problem. Long-time, we do have an agreement
as part of the Tobin Bridge Viaduct project to add 135 spaces only a short walk
from downtown. That might help a little bit, but that’s three years away.”

One solution he will not suggest is to
reduce parking requirements for new development. While many might think that is
counter to solving a parking problem, many planners now believe that one
solution to reducing the numbers of cars is to build developments without

That won’t be a solution he suggests again,
after having had lower parking requirements rejected by the Council only two
years ago.

“I don’t see the Council reducing parking any
time soon,” he said. “It’s not something I’m going to re-submit.”


Council Calls for Administration to Draft Strategies in Lieu of Parking Study

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