City to Get Mitigation from MassDot for Viaduct Project

The City might have to put up with traffic
backups for nearly three years on the Chelsea Viaduct, but there will be a
mitigation package for the City when the dust all settles.

City Manager Tom Ambrosino said they have
received a mitigation package to go along with the Viaduct project, which
starts on April 1.

“We got what I thought was a reasonable
mitigation package from MassDOT,” he said. “It wasn’t perfect, but at the end
of the day it was reasonable.”

One of the major improvements will be two
new, fully constructed public parking lots under the Tobin curves when the
project is done.

Ambrosino said it will include 135 public
parking spaces just a block from downtown Chelsea, something he hopes will help
alleviate some of the parking crunch in the area.

There will also be parking constructed under
the curves at Carter Street too.

One key piece of the puzzle that will remain
as part of the package is the Arlington Street onramp by the Williams School.
MassDOT had toyed with the idea of eliminating that ramp in early designs, but
pushback from the community seemed to keep that idea at bay.

Other pieces of mitigation include:

•A robust snow fence for noise mitigation.

•Money for community engagement to inform everyone
of the project over the three years.

•Repaving Fourth Street.

•lighting improvements under the Bridge after
the project is completed.

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City to Get Mitigation from MassDot for Viaduct Project

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