A Lot of Noise but Little Action on Planes at Council

For as long as jets have rumbled over
Chelsea as they land at and depart from Logan Airport, City officials have
struggled with getting state and federal officials to help mitigate the noise from
that air traffic.

Monday night, District 6 City Councillor
Giovanni Recupero introduced an order asking City Manager Tom Ambrosino to look
at renegotiating a deal with Massport to bring back the window and
soundproofing program to the city.

“People deserve a little more consideration
than they have been given,” said Recupero.

The Councillor said he would like to see
Massport provide soundproof windows for residents suffering excessive noise
from plane traffic, as it has done in the past.

“I’d like to get them back to the table and
figure out a way to help with the problem,” Recupero said.

Councillor-At-Large Roy Avellaneda said he
appreciated Recupero’s efforts to get Massport back to the table to discuss
sound mitigation, but that he didn’t have high hopes that it would be

“Whenever the City Manager has approached
Massport, the answer has been that it is a nonstarter; they have done their
program,” said Avellaneda.

Avellaneda said he has been working with
City Manager Tom Ambrosino to find a company to undertake an independent sound
study of noise from the airport. But, he said it has been very difficult to
find a company qualified to do that study.

If a company is found that can perform an
independent sound study, Avellaneda said he hopes it has the support of his
fellow councillors.

On the positive side, Avellaneda said he
attended a recent Massport meeting with airport communities in which officials
stated that a new Massport sound study is underway. He said this study will
take into account items that a study released in 2017 did not take into
account, such as the impact of hills on sound and the resonating sound of

The 2017 study was conducted by the Center
for Research on Environmental and Social Stressors in Housing Across the Life
Course (CRESSH), which is a division of the BU School of Public Health.

That report showed that flights over Chelsea
have nearly doubled between 2011 and 2015, and that certain health effects
associated with airplane noise are very high in Chelsea.

But getting Massport to kick in for
additional noise mitigation efforts has been an uphill battle.

“Confronted with the increase in air
traffic, their response has been, ‘But our planes are quieter,’” said

The Councillor has been pushing for the
independent noise study since at least the time the 2017 airport noise study
was unveiled.

“We (can) do a real noise study with proper
equipment and prepare to say we have proof that our community is impacted and
possibly prepare to embark on a lawsuit against MassPort and the FAA,” he said
at the time.

•In other business, the Council unanimously
approved sending a home rule petition to the state legislature that will allow
for the construction of the new Innes Housing Development.

•Recupero introduced an order asking the
City Manager look into hiring another animal control officer for the purpose of
issuing fines to people that don’t clean up after their dogs.

•Councillor-At-Large Leo Robinson introduced
orders asking the City Manager for updates on the City’s master plan and the
status of the Salvation Army building on Broadway. The Council approved taking
the building by eminent domain in 2017.

•District 1
Councillor Robert Bishop was absent from Monday night’s meeting, but with good
reason. He was celebrating his 35th anniversary with his wife. Happy
anniversary to the Bishops.

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A Lot of Noise but Little Action on Planes at Council

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