Chelsea Walk Pub Hit With Long Suspension

After viewing multiple surveillance videos
of patrons falling off stools, being overserved, urinating in public, getting
groped, and laid out on the sidewalk by the front door after closing time, the
Licensing Commission last week suspended the Chelsea Walk Pub’s liquor license
for 10 weeks.

The attorney for the Pub argued that the
Broadway bar has avoided violations in the past. But for Commission members,
the multiple incidents brought before it at its April 3 meeting were serious
enough to warrant the harsh judgment.

The Licensing Commission found the Chelsea
Walk Pub violated City ordinances by overserving patrons, selling liquor to an
intoxicated person, creating a noise or disorderly disturbance, and failing to
provide video surveillance. The majority of the violations resulted from
incidents responded to by the Police Department late last November.

In a letter to the Licensing Commission,
City Manager Thomas Ambrosino urged the commission not to take the reported
violations lightly.

“A liquor license is a privilege and not a
right,” the City Manager stated.

The majority of the April 3 hearing revolved
around the showing of video surveillance footage from a number of the

Police highlighted one patron at the end of
the bar who had three drinks in front of him before stashing an unopened beer
in his jacket while the bartender wasn’t looking.

Meanwhile, police pointed out that at the
other end of the bar, a woman sat with two pitchers of beer in front of her
with no one else drinking from the mugs. In addition, the video showed the
woman encouraging another patron to put his hand down her shirt and grope her

Police Captain Keith Houghton said both
incidents violated the city alcohol serving ordinances.

Attorney Jeffrey Rosario Turco, representing
the Pub, put up a defense to the evidence, noting several times that the
patrons who were alleged to have been overserved seemed steady on their feet
and not intoxicated.

“With all due respect, that woman allowed a

man to go down her shirt with two pitchers of beer in front of her,” said City
Solicitor Cheryl Watson Fisher. “There are implications all over the place.”

Additional video and evidence showed a
patron leaving the bar and urinating outside on the sidewalk and a patron
weaving into the street before being spotted by a police officer.

Licensing Commission member Roseann
Bongiovanni was unmoved by Turco’s “not swaying” defense when it came to video
of one patron who left the bar then went back in after being allegedly

“He’s leaning up against the way, that’s why
he’s not swaying,” said Bongiovanni. “That’s some good evidence you have

Most damning was an incident that showed
several patrons and a bartender struggling for nearly 10 minutes to carry an
alleged intoxicated patron out the door after closing time. Once the man was
laid on the sidewalk, the bartender went back inside and locked the front door
of the bar.

“The bartender quickly closed the door and leaves
him out flat, leaving him pretty much to us,” said Houghton.

Turco did not dispute the evidence in that
incident, but said that the bartender in the video had been fired.

Chelsea Walk Pub owner Angela Palmieri said
the main problem has been that her staff has not stepped up.

“They don’t listen to what I tell them to
do,” she said.

While the Pub hasn’t come before the
Licensing Commission in recent memory for violation, Bongiovanni said it has
largely been because there weren’t City resources to police the establishment
before. She said the Chelsea Walk Pub has a long history of shenanigans.

“There have been so many instances at the
Chelsea Walk Pub,” she said. “These are just the ones you got caught for; it is
a disgrace to the city.”

In addition to the
10-week liquor license suspension, the Licensing Commission also voted to
reduce the bar’s operating hours from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. to noon to 10 p.m.

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Chelsea Walk Pub Hit With Long Suspension

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