School Committee’s Garcia Fires Back After Hernandez Letter

About one month after former School Committeeman Julio Hernandez – the vice chair of the Committee – suddenly resigned, citing a lack of interest in the Committee from other members, one member is firing back to say the School Committee is committed.

Kelly Garcia.

In his letter last month, Hernandez cited
financial reasons mostly for his resignation, but also indicated that many
members of the School Committee didn’t show up to meetings and didn’t have the
best interest of the kids at heart.

In a letter to the Record this week, member
Kelly Garcia said she disagreed with that summation and defended her record.

“I persevered and fought against every
obstacle that came my way, and I continue to serve on the committee and stand
right by my students both in my classroom as a Special Education teacher, as an
advocate for increased funding at the State House on Beacon Hill, and the
School Committee member representing District 7,” she wrote. “I never gave up
on the students of Chelsea because once again, and in Hernandez’s own words,
‘our students’ education is no JOKE.’

“I was appalled to read such negative
commentary by a former elected official,” she continued. “A person who has
chosen to break his commitment to the Chelsea School District and its students

should not be now using social media to undermine those who are left to choose
a replacement, while at the same time, having to choose a new Superintendent.”

The letter also indicated that she believed
it was Hernandez that failed the students of Chelsea, urging him to move on
with dignity.

“Hernandez is an aspiring professional, and
I ask that he leave this position with dignity and respect for himself and for
his former colleagues who continue to work hard attending the majority of the
meetings, asking thought-provoking questions, and searching for the next
superintendent,” she wrote.

Hernandez’s resignation came just before the
resignation of School Committee Chair Rich Maronski, who also voiced
frustrations with the fact that many members don’t attend meetings. He is
continuing to serve out through the end of the superintendent search.

resigned immediately after the letter.


School Committee’s Garcia Fires Back After Hernandez Letter

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