New Chelsea Stadium Pegged to Be Completed by End of May

The new Chelsea Stadium is only a few weeks from being completed and put into use, school officials said this week.

The new track will be named after late teacher/track coach Bernard Berenson, who is in the state Coaches Hall of Fame.

Facilities Director Joe Cooney said the
rainy weather has slowed down the surfacing of the track, but that most
everything else in the long-awaited Stadium project is completed.

“We’re getting very close,” he said. “When
it’s done, it’s going to look dynamite.”

The football field is completely done, he said, but the track has been tricky.

An overview of the new football field looks spectacular but getting the track down has been tricky in the recent rainy weather. The project began last summer and will be completed at the end of May.

Already there has been a base coat of
asphalt put down, but the rubberized surface on the track cannot be placed down
in the rain – which pretty much means it has been delayed for quite some due to

the deluge that has been seen lately.

He said there are two layers of rubberized
surface, and that when it is done, it will be a very fast track for the

The only other things outstanding are the
conduits for the lights, permanent bathrooms, and bleacher improvements.

He said they have
to complete the project by early May because graduation is taking place on the
new field on June 9.


New Chelsea Stadium Pegged to Be Completed by End of May

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