New Group Looks to Raise the Profile of Bicycling

With National Bicycle Month underway, a new
group of cyclists and pedestrians in Chelsea are looking to create momentum and
visibility on safety issues for those that aren’t using vehicles.

The Chelsea Bike and Pedestrian Committee
has formed over the winter and got things rolling with their first community
bike ride on May 8. Now, they said they would continue those rides every Weds.
evening at 6 p.m.

Resident Asad Rahman, an avid cyclist who
commutes to Boston daily from his Broadway home, has been involved in biking safety
issues for a number of years and said he worked with City Planners to try to
get more of a community built around bicycling and walking.

While he thought it might take some time,
surprisingly the movement has grown quickly and they are already planning their
first event and several events beyond that.

“More than ever, I think Chelsea is at a
crossroads to put people and bicycles first instead of cars,” he said. “We’re a
City with five or six street lights and several thousand people and cars go
very, very fast. We hope we can shift the paradigm that people come first and
cars come second…Right now we have a passionate group of people in Chelsea, and
we’ll ride around town on May 8th for about a half-hour and then have a social

time to continue building this community.”

With the help of the City and MassBike, the
Committee is planning several events such as a Bike Repair workshops and a bike
rodeo – this coming at future City events like Fiesta Verano and the Night

The group is on Facebook at BikeWalkChelsea,
and anyone interested in joining them can show up at City Hall 6 p.m. on May 8.

The Vision for the Committee includes:

•To advance cycling and walking as leading
modes of transportation in order to promote the health, wealth, and quality of
life for Chelsea residents.

The Mission of the Committee is:

•To establish
safe, interconnected, and enjoyable infrastructure in Chelsea for cycling and
walking, through strategy with the Planning and Development department,
resident education on practical use, and community engagement to build
awareness and enthusiasm.

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New Group Looks to Raise the Profile of Bicycling

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