Encore Opening Procedures, Training Running Smoothly Ahead of Opening

Three weeks makes a difference.

That’s the message from Encore Boston Harbor
President Bob DeSalvio when it comes to the preparations for the opening of the
resort casino on June 23. DeSalvio said that hiring a majority of the workers
to train for three weeks, as compared to the one-week average in the industry,
will be worth every penny.

“In general we are in a very good position
right now,” he said on Tuesday. “I feel like the construction, the hiring and
the trainings are all coming together extremely well. Right now the number one
item is about working on training and role playing on our own people in
preparation for the arrival of our first guests. It was good to get the team in
early and have the mass orientation on June 3. The access to the building was
critical to making sure we had the necessary time to prepare.”

DeSalvio said many in the industry will
bring on most employees about a week ahead of opening. Some might stretch that
to two weeks. However, a three week, 20-day solid training period is unique.

“We have a full 20 days to completely
fine-tine and have five-star service levels and standards,” he said. “That’s a
big part of what we do. It’s an expanded preparation time, but that’s important
to us…Literally having three weeks is pretty unique, but it’s worth every penny
because we’ll get to thoroughly train our team members to that we can expect to
deliver a flawless opening.”

Right now, workers are busy role playing,
helping one another, and collaborating with helpers from the Las Vegas resorts
– who are initiating the new workers from the Boston area into the company
service standards.

“The next couple days we start very
intensive role playing preparations with our team – we’ll eat at the
restaurants and walk all of the corridors,” he said. “We plan to occupy every
single guest room before guests arrive…We want to make sure we’ve got

everything covered. By occupying the rooms, it gives us a chance to see everything
to make sure it’s working – the air conditioners, the lighting and the TV. It’s
a great way to get it done instead of waiting for guests to come in and have to
bring something like that to our attention.”

That also goes for the kitchens – cooking
meals for practice to make sure everything is working correctly and all of the
materials are in place for when the first guests arrive.

DeSalvio said a good deal of what is
happening now on the construction front is interior work and bringing in food
and retail supplies.

The construction phase, he said, is done for
the most part – meaning that the largest single-phase construction project in
the state’s history came in on time.

“Construction is winding down,” he said.
“They’re doing minor landscaping and doing some interior finish work. But for
the most part, the construction has been completed.”

One of the more stunning aspects of the
building, DeSalvio said, was the sunset views of the Mystic River Valley facing
west. While the Boston skyline views are tremendous, DeSalvio said the views of
the Mystic are special because they have never been seen before.

“One of the unique aspects of the building
is the views from various angles, especially the higher up to you go – are
unlike anything we’ve ever seen because there has never been a building that
big in Everett,” he said. “Looking west from the tower up the Mystic River,
there’s a sense of the real beauty of that area.”

Overall, DeSalvio
said the team has done outstanding work on all aspects of the resort, and he
said they are very much ready for their opening in less than two weeks.

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Encore Opening Procedures, Training Running Smoothly Ahead of Opening

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