Major Essex Street Project to Begin July 8

The Essex Street Utility and Roadway
Improvement Project is set to start construction on July 8, and will encompass
Essex Street from Pearl Street to Highland Street, and Highland Street from Marginal
Street to Maverick Street.

Essex Street currently has utility lines
that date back to as old as 1906.

As utility infrastructure ages, the
integrity of the materials start to deteriorate which can cause utility breaks,
leaks and other issues. These problems can create above ground issues
such as sinkholes, settling, and cracking, which can make for difficult driving
which adds wear and tear on vehicles.

Essex Street currently has old brick sewer
mains with several broken sections that have allowed ground water to enter the
sewer system, and also allows sewage to seep into the ground. Groundwater is a
part of the ecosystem and should remain in the ground, not redirected into the
sewer system, City officials said. The sewer pipe is located under a large
water pipe (36 inches) owned by the MWRA, which makes it difficult to access
and maintain. The Essex Street project will replace sewer mains where possible,

and in hard to reach areas, it will place a structural liner that will
reinforce the existing pipe.

The project will entail sewer and service
replacements, water main abandonment with service transfers, new storm drain
installation, new concrete driveway aprons, new granite curbing, fresh new
concrete sidewalks, all new paving, new line stripping and pedestrian

Benefits of the project include:

•improved water pressure to fire hydrants;

•lead-free water service lines;

•new street trees which offer cooling during
summer months, and reduced risks of utility breaks.

Upon project
completion, the improvements will give Essex Street and portions of Highland
Street a polished look and also provide long lasting utilities, the City said.

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Major Essex Street Project to Begin July 8

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