Councillor Tejada Praises Let It Fly Classic directors

City Councillor Luis Tejada will be a
spectator at the fifth annual Let It Fly Basketball Classic Saturday at Jordan
Boys and Girls Club.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” said Tejada. “The
directors [Kyle Umemba and Cesar Castro do such a great job running this

Tejada said the whole atmosphere at the
tournament is exciting. “It’s like one of these urban scenarios that you see on
TV with the whole basketball game going on and everyone is yelling and
screaming, but having a good time. It’s just a fantastic atmosphere.”

Tejada said the event always draws an
enthusiastic crowd, “but it’s safe, it’s protected. The police are there.
Everybody is there just to have fun and raise money for our Chelsea High School
students. It’s a win-win-win situation all around, so it’s definitely one of
those worthwhile events to attend.”

Tejada, a past tournament sponsor, said he
will also be bringing his children and nephews to the Jordan Boys and Girls
Club. “My kids love basketball and my nephews play in basketball leagues, so

we’ll all be heading over to watch it,” he said.

Tejada said he’s looking forward to seeing
Chelsea Black Community (CBC) President Joan Cromwell at the tournament. Joan
is the mother of Co-Director Kyle Umemba.

“Joan and I grew up around the same time in
Chelsea,” said Tejada, who is 1986 Chelsea High School graduate. “Joan is
amazing. She’s all over the place, always helping out and it’s always, ‘what
can I do to improve our area?’ “She is just a beautiful person. It’s just an
amazing Chelsea family that is here to help our residents and our neighbors.
They’re one of these Chelsea pride families. When you speak of Chelsea and
families that you’re proud of, they’re right at the top.”

The tournament
begins at 10 a.m., with games continuing all day until a champion is crowned.
There are refreshments, musical entertainment, and raffle drawings. Admission
to the games is free.


Councillor Tejada Praises Let It Fly Classic directors

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