Luis Tejada Announces His Run for Re-Election as District 2 Councilor

It’s amazing, 4 years have flown by. It’s
been a cathartic experience serving my community! We have accomplished many
important things in our little neck of the woods proudly named Soldiers Home or
Powderhorn Hill.

I want to thank you for electing me to serve
our Chelsea Neighborhood, I want you to know that I do not take this Honor of
serving lightly as I realize that the seat belongs to You, the masses, and not
me and so I hope I have performed up to your standards and I do hope you elect
to allow me to serve for another term.

Together we have done many big and small
things that have improved our quality of life, things such as improving the
safety of our streets at night by improving the lighting. Our streets have
never looked brighter and that is fantastic, the safety of all of us is of
primary importance. The city steps, particularly the Washington Ave. to
Franklin Ave. side was hard to light up but we found a way to finally light that
up without disturbing the neighbors while providing maximum illumination and

Thanks to the great job performed by DPW, we
have kept on top of the damage created by snow and storms on our streets. We
have given senior citizens discounts on water, have increased the residential
exemption in an effort to further lower residential taxes and mitigated the
proposed increase of water to residents from almost 3 percent to 1 percent.

We negotiated favorably on behalf of our
residents with the DOT and on Summit ave
we are working on minimizing thedisturbanced cause by the building of the new
hospital. We are taking care of streets on Washington Ave and County Road, and
are embarking on more efforts to beautify our Soldiers Home like improved
Christmas and holiday ligting this season.

We also provided barrells both for trash and
recycle inan effort to curb the rodent problems in the city.

Thanks to the great work by all of the
boards and groups like the Chelsea Hill Community, we can see the ever
flourishing beauty that is Chelsea, come through more and more everyday! We
have beautified the city with trees, newer streets and newer sidewalks.
Improved the condition of our parks. Our city is the safest and our
transportation efforts are the best they have ever been.

All of this we have done together, with You,
our neighbors, hand in hand, at meetings
that have run through the night, along with a City Council that Cares and is
Commited to bringing the Best Services to our Communities. A City Manager that is commited to seeing
Chelsea grow and phenomenal people serving in the various boards doing their
best to make Chelsea the varied complex and
magnificent place it is to call Home.

It is an pleasure to have the Honor of
fighting alongside with you for the betterment of our Chelsea and my little slice of heaven our
beloved Soldiers Home!

Changes are in the air.

Did you know, that a long time ago, Chelsea
was , get this, a Vacation Destination, yes our own little Chelsea
Massachusetts was Elite. We do of course know, because it has been drilled into
our heads, the Chelsea that everyone called and wrote about as the Worst Crime
City in America or Poorest City in America.

Chelsea has a Mystery about Her! This
gorgeous city we call home has been up and down and over but never out, Its a
City I Adore and I am So Proud to call Home and my Area of Soldiers Home, the
Only Place for My Family.

We have all heard, its not a secret anymore,
Chelsea is the New It Place. Yup a place
where just 20 years ago our families rented 3 bedroom apartments for $450

everything included, is Now, Once Again, Elite!

They call it Gentrification!

The dictionary defines Gentrification as :
Gentrification is a process of changing the character of a neighborhood through
the influx of more affluent residents and businesses.

Chelsea is in need of Well Rooted, Caring,
Informed and Responsible Leadership. One who understand the struggles of the
lifelong residents of Chelsea and will work towards the efforts of helping
those residents remain here and welcome our new reality and our new neighbors
and make them feel at home just as we were made to feel at home when we first
came here, its the Chelsea Way!

There is a balance that the Council needs to
be able to strike and that is how to help our well-rooted families that have
been here for generations, remain here, it is a struggle that I have pledged to
help fight in an effort to alleviate some of the burden being placed by the
increasing rents.

How do I help, I am on the Board of Capic, an amazing organization full of
wonderful people working to alleviate many of lives problems and particularly
Homelessness, Volunteering as an instructor at Chelsea Restoration doing first
time home buyer seminars in an effort to help people achieve a part of the American
dream and form Roots that call Chelsea their home.

Working alongside the City Manager on a
Master Plan which will set the direction the city is going to take for decades to come. This alone needs a
council that is knowledgeable with bold leadership that will help bring about a
brighter future for Chelsea as it moves into its new and ever changing face
while at the same time ensuring that the historical value and character remain

Chelsea matters to me , I have lived here
since my arrival from Colombia in 1977, Chelsea and particularly Soldiers Home
have been where my New American Roots began to take shape back in 1977 and they
never left. Don’t fret my friends, my family and I have maintained every little
bit of our heritage from back in Colombia and we enjoy our sancocho y chicharon
y pan debono en la manana con cafe.

I cannot function without my dunks in the

My roots are here in Chelsea Soldiers Home,
I have my village here, my two beautiful sons and daughter, nieces, nephews,
aunts, cousins, my beautiful mom Alda, two amazing sisters and many other
extended family.

I love doing my part in protecting our home
and I am asking for your Vote to Re-Elect me to serve on your behalf in the
Council for our Great area District 2 Soldiers Home!

It has been an Honor serving the needs of
our area and know that I do not take Lightly the Responsibility of Representing
Our Interest and our Area.

I , Luis Tejada , ask for your vote so that
we can continue the fight for an ever improving, never settleling Chelsea and
Chelsea Soldiers Home District 2 .

Preliminary elections may happen on Sept.
14, with the countdown to narrow the running mates down to two and then its off
to the election in November.

Thank you in advance for participating in
the process and for taking the time to read this my message to you my dear

Luis Tejada

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Luis Tejada Announces His Run for Re-Election as District 2 Councilor

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