Appreciation : William Gould Sr. Is Remembered Fondly by Family and Friends

Just as Derek Gould had done so often in his
outstanding high school football career at Northeast Regional Vocational High
School, he delivered very well.

On this day, the sad occasion of his father
William “Bill” Gould’s Holy Eucharist service at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in
Chelsea, Derek Gould delivered a thoughtful eulogy in a gentle but emphatically
clear voice.

He spoke as the youngest of William and
Dorothy Gould’s children – on behalf of his siblings, including his older,
brother, William “Bill” Gould Jr., a popular football player and member of the
CHS Class of 1981. Bill Jr.’s friend and classmate, Glenn Smith, was one of the
many friends who paid their respects to William Gould Sr.

Mr. Gould was a U.S. Air Force veteran of
the Korean War, a proud Chelsea resident, and a past president of the former
American Legion Post on Shurtleff Street, in Chelsea. He also served as
president of the Chelsea Pop Warner organization and as a coach in Chelsea
Little League. He was a retired engineer for the City of Chelsea Sanitation
Department, where he dedicated 25 years of service.

Bill and Dorothy Gould shared 50 years of
marriage before her passing in 2010. They had been lifelong residents of
Chelsea before they moved to Berwick, Maine, where he has lived for the past 28

Interestingly, Bill Gould Jr. recalled that
his father was a quarterback in his junior high and high school days “and his
center for one of the teams was Duke Bradley.”

‘Dad, We Will Always Have You in Our Hearts and Memories’

Gould thanked all for attending and began his heartfelt speech that follows:

dad was raised during the Depression and World War II by a single parent which
did not make his life growing up easy. But, because of this, he became the man
he was. A strong, stern, personal man. He also was a man of many talents. He

was a welder, a coach, an engineer, sanitation engineer that is, a mentor and
yes, a dancer, and oh what a dancer he was.

But one thing he took very seriously was
family. He always said you may have friends and they may come and go, but
family is forever.

In line with that, there is an Irish saying:
A family will argue and fight, but let a shout come from without and see them
all unite. Everyone in here may have a story to tell referring to this saying.
I know I can.

My story is a time when I was at a point of
despair and needed to talk. Where did I go? Did I go to a doctor, did I go to a
priest? No, I went to my dad. He did what he has always done – took care of me,
listened to me, and told me a story of when he was in place of despair and how
he overcame it.

These are the moments we take away from our
dad and how family is there for us always, and who Bill Gould was: a
great-grandfather, a grandfather, father, brother, uncle and husband that would
do anything for his family.

There was another quote my dad always went
by and that was: ‘I was almost wrong once, but then again I was right.’ Nothing
more true than how he passed, as sick as he was getting an declining, he was
not going to any hospital or aging facility and he wanted to die at home.

So, dad, you were right again and you did it
your way, in your house, in your room, peacefully and happy.

Now, my dad is at peace and with his love of
life, dancing and laughing.

Dad, we will miss you and always have you in
our hearts and our memories.

I love you Dad.

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Appreciation : William Gould Sr. Is Remembered Fondly by Family and Friends

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