District Rolls out New Bus Routes to Cull Wait Lists

The buses are rolling back to school this
week, and this year, redesigned bus routes look to cut down on the waitlist for
students looking for a ride to the Mary C. Burke Elementary School Complex.

Over the summer, school district staff
redesigned the yellow bus routes to maximize the number of students who have
seats on the first day of school and reduce the number on the waitlist,
according to Superintendent Mary Bourque.

“This year, we looked at the ridership data
and created the bus routes from scratch so that we could get the greatest
number of elementary school students into bus seats on the first day of
school,” said Bourque.

This year, two buses will start their routes
in Prattville, where a large number of students live, and another will begin on
Admiral’s Hill.

School officials are looking to reduce
traffic congestion, as fewer buses will be crossing paths on the way to pick up

Letters have been mailed to families of all
students who have assigned seats on the buses. The letters include laminated

tags with the student’s first name, bus stop, and bus number. School officials
are asking that the tags be attached to students’ backpacks so they can be
easily identified as riders.

As of last Thursday night’s School Committee
meeting, there were no students on the bus wait list, according to Bourque. In
recent years, the waitlist has been as high as 100 students.

“We do have approximately 100 families who
still have not brought in proof of address to the Parent Information Center and
we strongly encourage them to bring their materials in as quickly as possible
so their child can get a seat on the bus,” said Daniel Mojica, Director of the
Parent Information Center.

While many of the students may be able to
get a bus seat, school officials stated that some routes are filling up faster
than others, and some students could end up on a waitlist.

“We are asking
parents who have not provided documentation to come in as soon as possible,”
said Monica Lamboy, the district finance director.

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District Rolls out New Bus Routes to Cull Wait Lists

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