Fire Department Works To Renovate Firefighters Memorial

Fire Department Works To Renovate Firefighters Memorial

The Chelsea Fire Department has begun a major renovation project for the Chelsea Firefighters Memorial that is situated outside the local fire alarm headquarters.

Chelsea Fire Capt. Michael Thompson points to the stone plate marking the original opening date of the memorial. The firefighters have launched a renovation project to restore the site.

Fire Captain Michael Thompson said the memorial was first erected in 1972 and there has been no refurbishing at the site since that time.

“Our goal is to revamp the entire site,” said Thompson, a 32-year veteran of the department. “We will erect granite walls with the names of our deceased firefighters.”

City Manager Tom Ambrosino met with Deputy Chief Michael Masucci to discuss the project. Ambrosino gave the official go-ahead for the project.

Seeking to raise monies to defray the cost of the project, the firefighters will hold a “Chili Selloff” fundraiser this Saturday, April 6 at the Mystic Brewery, Chelsea.

“Bryan Greenhagan (owner of the brewery) has graciously invited us to sell chili from 1 to 9 p.m. on that day, with the proceeds going to the rebuilding of the memorial,” said Thompson.

Chris Flahive and his team of chefs from the Chelsea Yacht Club will team up with the firefighters to cook up 40 gallons of chili for the event.

On April 13 at the New Brown Jug, owner Michael Matrinko will host a fundraiser during which 20 percent of all food sales will go the firefighters memorial fund. There will be a raffle drawing for a $10,000 cash prize.

Every year on the first Sunday of June, the firefighters hold ceremonies at the site. Thompson is hopeful that the project will be completed by that date.

“I’m very excited to see this come to fruition,” said Thompson. “With the help of the citizens of Chelsea, we’re going to meet our goal and get it done.”

(Donations for the project can be sent to the Chelsea Firefighters Memorial Fund, P.O. 505616, Chelsea, MA 02150).

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Top 100

Top 100

The City released the 2018 payroll figures for the City of Chelsea this week. The top earner was once again Chief Brian Kyes at $230,344, as per his recent contract. For the police earners, much of the gross salary listed also include detail pay, the vast majority of which does not come from City funds. Of the Top 10 highest paid, eight were from the Police or Fire Departments. City Manager Tom Ambrosino checked in at number 10, making $180,441.


Brian Kyes Chief of Police $230,344.33

Joseph Fern Sergeant $211,872.46

Thomas Dunn Captain Police Dept. $205,872.85

Waynen Ulwick Deputy Chief $203,288.67

Keith Houghton Captain Police Dept. $197,453.50

David Batchelor Captain Police Dept. $194678.46

John Quatieri Deputy Chief $183,497.21

Mary Bourque Superintendent 225 $182,148.98

Robert Houghton Deputy Chief $182,019.22

Thomas Ambrosino City Mgr. $180,441.72

Hector Gonzalez Sergeant $176,440.18

Michael Thompson Captain Fire Dept. $166,379.54

Michael Masucci Deputy Chief $166,189.31

Paul Giancola Deputy Chief $166,978.20

Edwin Nelson Lt. Police Dept. $164,488.50

Michael Addonizio Sergeant $162.911.18

Edward McGarry Deputy Chief $161,706.80

David Flibotte Sergeant $160,531.80

Rony Gobin Capt. Fire Dept. $158,983.82

John Noftle Sergeant $156,654.04

Robert Denning Capt. Fire Dept. $156,582.07

Leonard Albanese Fire Chief $156,436.80

Paul Doherty Capt. Fire Dept. $156,210.97

William Dana Capt. Police Dept. $155,886.74

Daniel Delaney Lt. Police Dept. $153,015.37

William Briquela Sergeant $151,980.26

Stephen Purcell Capt. Fire Dept. $151,220.30

Michael Gurska Capt. Fire Dept. $150,926.52

David Betz Lt. Police Dept. $149,452.67

Scott Conley Patrolman $148,971.14

William Krasco Patrolman $148,129.25

Thomas McLain Patrolman $147,994.81

Brian Dunn Lt. Police Dept. $146,432.04

Richard Wilcox Lt. Fire Dept. $146,159.30

Lyle Abell Patrolman $145,456.77

Robert Moschella Patrolman $144,743.05

Linda Breau Dep/Asst. Superintendent $144,048.58

Anthony D’Alba Sergeant $143,491.93

Richard Carroccino Capt. Fire Dept. $142,271.06

Robert Cameron Deputy Chief $141,745.95

Priti Johari Asst. Super 225 $141,549.97

Philip Rogers Capt. Fire Dept. $141,486.55

Nicole McLaughlin Patrolman $138,758.46

Gerald McCue Director Exempt $138,498.37

Jacqueline Maloney Principal 220 $138,370.05

Michael Lee Capt. Fire Dept. $137,816.45

David Rizzuto Lt. Police Dept. $135,789.24

Edward Keefe Deputy City Mgr. $134,355.42

Richard Perisie Deputy Chief $133,742.54

Jon Maldonado Patrolman $133,573.84

Angelica Guerra Patrolman $133,489.66

Adele Lubarsky Principal 220 $133,299.92

Philip Merritt Capt. Fire Dept. $133,167.89

Sarah Kent Asst. Super 220 $132,598.96

Randy Grajal Teacher $132,365.77

Anthony Tiro Lt. Fire Dept. $129,619.11

Cindy Rosenberg Director/SPED $129,238.46

John Bower Lt. Police Dept. $129,087.69

Michael Villanueva Patrolman $128,705.88

Michael Nee Sergeant $128,519.44

Ronald Schmidt Principal 220 $128,419.34

Stephen Garcia Patrolman $128,106.06

Joseph Capistran Patrolman $128,032.49

Garrison Daniel Patrolman $127,915.71

Linda Barber Asst. Principal $127,803.92

Gary Poulin Firefighter $127,245.49

Sylvia Vazquez Teacher $126,762.71

Joseph Stutto Patrolman $126,042.52

Mark Martineau Asst. Principal $125,942.86

David Bishop Lt. Fire Dept. $125,542.09

Michelle Martinello Principal 220 $125,500.04

Christian Lehmann Lt. Fire Dept. $125,163.61

Jose Torres Firefighter $124,622.98

Joanne O’Brien Patrolman $124,618.74

Michael Noone Patrolman $124,616.70

Richard Bellomo Patrolman $124,592.28

Michael Talbot Principal 200 $123,749.98

Mark Aliberti Lt. Fire Dept. $123,739.98

Augustus Casucci Patrolman $123,288.79

Cheryl Fisher City Solicitor $122,859.54

Adam Deleidi Principal 220 $122,500.04

Paul McCarthy Patrolman $121,779.06

Paul Marchese Patrolman $121,317.29

Star Chung Patrolman $121,169.07

Joseph Cooney Dir. Of Blgds/Grounds $121,153.88

Julie Shea Principal 220 $120,750.11

Nathaniel Meyers Principal 220 $120,500.05

Christopher Troisi Patrolman $120,363.74

Daniel Dejordy Lt. Fire Dept. $120,334.37

Long Lam Patrolman $118,106.45

Carlos Vega Patrolman $117,787.32

Joan Sullivan Director Exempt $117,584.55

Bertram Taverna Dir. Of Public Works $117,344.83

Juan Sanchez Patrolman $117,235.48

Alan Beausoleil Coordinator $116,774.31

John Coen Sergeant $116,114.05

David Batchelor Patrolman $116,023.49

Robert Brown Capt. Fire Dept. $115,978.37 Damon Peykar Coordinator $115,667.73

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Chelsea High School Principal Gives Back to the Community on His 50th Birthday

Chelsea High School Principal Gives Back to the Community on His 50th Birthday

Early in the morning on Saturday January 5th with a team of of 13 men Principal Mathews arrived at Salvation Army Chelsea loaded with tools and all the materials ready to do a transformation..

Captain Isael Gonzalez, the Pastor of Salvation Army remarks, how excited he was to see a team of professionals lawyers, teachers, principals, and investors who unselfishly dedicated their time accomplishing major repairs.

The day started at 7:00 a.m. shopping for needed items at Home Depot and ended about 5:30 p.m.

Captain Brenda Gonzalez expressed, the highlight for the weekend for her was the fact that some of Principal Mathews’s friends traveled from different states to celebrate his birthday in a very unusual way. His friends are Kevin Qazilbash (Lawrence Principal), Evan MacAlew (Somerville Teacher), Josh Bowman (Lawyer),Drew Kodjak (Environmental lawyer), Bill O’Flanagan (Retired Principal), Mike Sabin (Waltham Principa), Seth Alexander (investing), Tom Nolan (investing), Alexlander Mathews (CHS Principal Chelsea), Bouke Noordji, Steven Cornielsen, Mark Nichols, and Dave Daglio.

They demonstrated humility and willingness to serve without any fanfare. They really wanted to give back to the community using their own resources and skills. They hired a local contractor to replace and install carpet in the front office. They replaced ceiling tiles in the kitchen and high ceiling tiles at the gym door exit. They painted the kids club classrooms and the hallways. They sanded and ceiled the wood rails along the stairway and replaced the baseboard trims.

When the kids arrived, they were so excited and happy to see the big change in their newly painted classrooms. Principal Mathews and team of friends, including the Salvation Army congregation, the Chelsea Interfaith Alliance and the entire community say Happy, Happy Birthday to you. Thank you very much for giving back to the community on your special day.

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Licensing Board Approves Permits for Function Hall at Old Polish American

Licensing Board Approves Permits for Function Hall at Old Polish American

A new function hall is slated to open at the site of the former Polish American Veterans Hall at 35 Fourth Street.

At its most recent meeting, the licensing commission approved restaurant and entertainment licenses for the proposed hall.

The applicant, Emiliana Fiesta, LLC, also applied for a wine and beer license, but will have to wait until there is an available license in the city. However, one-day liquor licenses can be granted for the weddings, birthday parties, and other functions planned for the facility.

The Polish American hall had a capacity of over 500 occupants for the two floors of the building. But based on concerns voiced by police officials, the licensing commission approved the restaurant license with a capacity of 250 occupants, limiting the functions to one level of the building, while the basement level can only be used for storage and kitchen purposes. The owners will also install licenses at all entrances on both floors of the building.

Even with the limitations on use, police Captain Keith Houghton said he was wary that the use of the building could tip from being a function hall to operating as a full-blown night club.

“This is going to be a challenge,” said Houghton, who also requested that the opaque outside of the building be replaced with clear windows and that a floor plan be provided to police and the licensing committee.

Broadway resident Paul Goodhue said he also had concerns about the proposal.

“I’ve watched the police clean up that corner of Fourth and Broadway,” he said. “You’re going to be opening up a can of worms if that ends up being a nightclub.”

Commission member Roseann Bongiovanni said she understood the concerns of the police and neighbors.

“We do not want this to turn into a nightclub, that’s not an appropriate function,” she said.

But with the proper conditions in place, Bongiovanni said the new owners of the building should have the chance to give the function hall a go.

“They bought (the building) with the same use,” Bongiovanni said. “I feel like we should give them a shot.”

Licensing Commission Chairman James Guido also stipulated that live bands can perform during functions only and that for functions of over 100 people, a police detail should be requested.

The approved hours for the function hall are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, 11 a.m. to midnight Fridays and Saturdays, and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Sundays.

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Top 100 City Salary Earners Dominated by Public Safety Employees

Top 100 City Salary Earners Dominated by Public Safety Employees

The Top 100 City employee earners list (below) from 2017 was released this week and it showed that, as has become routine, that it is dominated by police and fire personnel.

A total of 41 of the top 100 came from the Police Department, though it should be noted that some of those earnings come from paid details which aren’t paid for in total by City funds. In the Fire department, 31 members were on the Top 100 list. That rounded out 72 police and fire earners in the Top 100.

The School Department came in third with 24 members on the Top 100 list, but most of them falling in the bottom one-third of that list.

The highest paid City employee in 2017 was Chief Brian Kyes, who said he was grateful for being able to serve as chief in his hometown. He made $219,752 in 2017 – the first year that he did not work details as the chief.

“My current salary is based on an employment contract that was negotiated between the City Manager and myself last year in an effort to allow me to finish my career here in Chelsea,” he said. “Based on the terms of the contract I have agreed to serve as the Police Chief for an additional five-year term and continue to do the job that I absolutely love. Although there are lucrative opportunities beyond the borders of our city whether in the legal world or public safety, my commitment remains here in the city of Chelsea.”

Kyes said his is now beginning his 32nd year with the Chelsea Police, with the last 11 as chief. He said others have recruited him from outside the city and state, but he has decided to stay here under his new contract.

“Over the past few years I have been recruited by other agencies both within Massachusetts and outside the state to either lead or compete to run their departments,” he said. “I have also had offers from the private sector as well.  This all being said I honestly know that there is no police department like the one that we have here in Chelsea with the enduring partnerships that serve as the life-blood of our agency. This is in no small part to the dedication and commitment of the men and women, sworn and non-sworn who make up our department.”

City Manager Tom Ambrosino appeared at number eight on the list, making $180,209. He said the list is dominated by police and fire because they work hard for their money in Chelsea.

“Public safety officials are paid good money and in this city they earn it,” he said. “This a difficult city to be a police officer and a firefighter. They put their lives on the line all the time. I don’t begrudge the salaries they earn. They work hard for it here.”

Name                                                     Job                                    Location                      Gross Pay

Kyes, Brian                                     Chief of Police                     Police Department               219,752.46

Fern, Joseph                                        Sergeant                          Police Department               205,227.09

Dunn, Thomas                        Captain  Police Department            Police Department               203,853.47

Batchelor, David                     Captain  Police Department            Police Department               196,668.15

Quatier, John T                                Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 194,200.46

Houghton, Keith E                  Captain  Police Department            Police Department               191,969.00

Dana, William J                     Captain  Police Department            Police Department               183,002.94

Ambrosino, Thomas  G                     City Manager                    City Managers Office             180,209.33

Bourque, Mary                             Superintendent 225               Superintendent’s Office            178,697.92

Houghton, Robert                             Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 171,818.69

Delaney,  Daniel                   Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               167,164.94

Moschella, Robert  F                           Patrolman                         Police Department               166,551.53

Addonizio,  Michael J                           Sergeant                          Police Department               165,570.61

Giancola,  Paul R                              Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 159,609.20

Krasco, William N                              Patrolman                         Police Department               159,422.55

Eaves, Paul                                      Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 157,387.51

Cameron, Robert  T                          Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 157,286.42

McGarry, Edward J                          Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 157,039.03

Masucci,  Michael  F                         Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 155,518.72

Conley, Scott                                      Patrolman                         Police Department               155,203.52

Purcell, Stephen M                 Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 153,053.03

Albanese, Leonard  A                          Fire Chief                          Fire Department                 152,062.60

Nelson, Edwin                      Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               151,547.85

McCue, Gerald A                           Director Exempt                      Business Office                  149,881.45

Thompson, Michael                   Captain Fire Department                Fire Department                 147,058.30

Doherty, Paul W                      Captain  Fire Department               Fire Department                 146,525.98

Abell, Lyle Robert                              Patrolman                         Police Department               146,403.33

Denning,  Robert                      Captain Fire Department                Fire Department                 146,005.01

Gurska,  Michael P                   Captain  Fire Department               Fire Department                 145,917.85

Brizuela,  William F                             Sergeant                          Police Department                I45,799.72

Carroccino, Richard                  Captain  Fire Department               Fire Department                 143,729.68

Noftle, John                                        Sergeant                          Police Department               143,399.35

D’alba, Anthony  F                               Sergeant                          Police Department               142,601.43

Rizzuto, David M                  Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               142,577.35

McLain, Thomas  H               Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               142,257.64

Dunn, Brlan A                      Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               142,075.70

Flibotte,  David A                                Sergeant                          Police Department               139,282.59

Breau, Linda                          Deputy/Asst. Superintendent       Curriculum & Instruction          138,723.52

Johari, Priti                                     Principal  220                    Chelsea High School              137,504.49

Betz, David K                       Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               136,752.02

Merritt,  Philips                        Captain Fire Department                Fire Department                 135,078.38

Bevere  Maloney, Jacqueline             Principal  220                   Early Learning Center             134,399.98

Gonzalez,  Hector  L                             Sergeant                          Police Department               134,150.63

Tarraza,  Luis 0                                   Patrolman                         Police Department               132,435.96

Keefe, Edward P                         Deputy City Manager              City Managers Office             131,692.35

Ulwick, Wayne                                 Deputy Chief                        Fire Department                 131,310.43

Lubarsky,  Adele                              Principal 220                     Edgar Hooks School              130,524.94

Ramirez,  Emilio                                Patrolman                         Police Department               130,435.94

Wilcox, Richard J                   Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 129,511.67

Nee, Michaela                                      Sergeant                          Police Department               129,262.60

Tiro, Anthony J                      Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 127,929.36

Lee, Michael W                        Captain Fire Department                Fire Department                 127,554.60

Gobin, Rony R                         Captain Fire Department                Fire Department                 126,838.72

Rogers, Philip R                       Captain  Fire Department               Fire Department                 126,715.84

Rosenberg, Cindy D                          Director/Sped                Special  Education  Office          126,704.50

Bower, John C                      Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               126,621.69

Lam,Longt                                         Patrolman                         Police Department               126,017.51

Torres, Jose                                        Firefighter                          Fire Department                 126,016.67

Grajal, Randy A                                   Teacher                         Edgar Hooks School              125,460.58

O’Brien, Joanne  M                             Patrolman                         Police Department               122.517.49

Bellomo,  Richard  R                           Patrolman                         Police Department               122,434.05

Barber.  Linda                       Assistant Principal 220 Days          Chelsea High School              122,340.06

Andreottola, Miguel                   Director- Admin Union           Information Technology           122,263.17

Martinello, Michelle                          Principal 220                   Eugene  Wright School            121,300.01

Schmidt,  Ronald L                Assistant  Principal 220 Days         Chelsea High School              120,863.05

Bevere, Joseph                                     Sergeant                          Police Department               120,723.24

DeleiDi, Adam  M                            Principal 220               William A Berkowitz School        119,725.05

Sanchez-Gleason, Magdalena             Principal 220                     George Kelly School              119,725.05

Chung, Starn                                      Patrolman                         Police Department               119,622.05

Fisher, Cheryl  W                             City Solicitor                       Law Department                 118,212.79

Kent, Sarah A                             Assistant  Super 220              Superintendent’s Office            118,180.01

Casucci,  Augustus  M                         Patrolman                         Police Department               118,042.21

Talbot, Michael                                Principal  220                   Clark Avenue  School             117,799.89

Noone, Michael J                                Patrolman                         Police Department               117,652.42

Sanchez, Miguel                    Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               117,208.79

Crowley, Kevin M                  Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 116,736.44

Griffin, Robert  E                 Lieutenant Police Department           Police Department               116,607.77

Perisie, Rjchard                        Captain Fire Department                Fire Department                 116,068.89

Almquist-Cevallos, Kristen L  Assistant Principal 220 Days          Chelsea High School              115,766.02

Cooney, Joseph F               Director Of Buildings & Grounds      Buildings & Grounds             115,378.83

Maldonado, Jonathan                           Patrolman                         Police Department               114,386.68

Valdes, Reinaldo                                 Firefighter                          Fire Department                 113,953.54

Dent, Sarah E                        Assistant Principal 220 Days          Chelsea High School              113,563.97

Rodriguez, Luis R                               Patrolman                         Police Department               113,325.68

Vazquez, Sylvia E                                Teacher                         George Kelly School              113,032.18

Ostler, Ryan P                                    Patrolman                         Police Department               112,945.35

Glass, Carter R                       Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 112,886.11

Conlon, Joseph                       Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 112,711.04

Stutto, Joseph C                                  Patrolman                         Police Department               112,582.33

Peters, Albert W                     Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 112,509.80

Griffin, Kevin M                   Assistant Principal 205 Days      Joseph A. Browne School          112,400.07

Shea. Julie C                                    Principal 220                 Joseph A. Browne School          112,196.08

Davis, Cove J                              Assistant Super 200               Superintendents Office            112,086.00

Meyers, Nathaniel S                          Principal 220               Frank M. Sokolowski School        111,946.05

Caissie, Arthur J                     Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 111,895.39

Taverna. Bertram                     Director Of Public Works                  Admin dpw                    111,811.66

Vega. Carlos J                                    Patrolman                         Police Department               111,585.26

Aliberti, Mark A                     Lieutenant Fire Department              Fire Department                 111,494.68

Lawlor, John W                      Lieutenant Fire Department               Fire Department                              111,374.27

Garcia, Stephen  Patrolman                         Police Department              111,132.25

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Police Captain Batchelor is Honored

Police Captain Batchelor is Honored


Chelsea Police Captain David Batchelor was honored for his outstanding work with Chelsea HUB, which is a team of designated staff from community and government agencies that meet weekly to address specific situations regarding individuals facing elevated levels of risk. Chelsea HUB develops immediate, coordinated and integrated responses to these situations through the mobilization of resources. Pictured at the award presentation during a HUB training program Monday at Homewood Suites Hotel are (from left): Dan Cortez, community engagement specialist, Chelsea Police Department, Jason Owens, an assistant director at Roca, Capt. David Batchelor, award recipient, and Melissa Walsh, director of Chelsea Thrives, The Neighborhood Developers.

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Sports 09-08-2016

CHS Roundup

CHS football team opens season tonight against Lynn Tech

The Chelsea High football team will make the short trek northward to Lynn this evening (Thursday) when coach Jack Halas and his Red Devil gridmen open their 2016 season at Lynn Tech under the lights on Tech’s home turf at Manning Field. The opening kickoff is set for 7:00.

“Things are going well,” said Halas of his team’s pre-season preparations, which began August 22. “We’ve been very busy in these first few weeks of the pre-season.”

Halas greeted a large turnout of 48 candidates for the varsity squad, a good indication of the strong health of the football program. Five players come from Pope John XXIII of Everett, with which Chelsea shares a co-op arrangement.

The Red Devils engaged in two pre-season encounters, a tri-scrimmage with South Boston and Latin Academy last Saturday and a contest with West Roxbury this past Saturday.

“Overall, I was pleased with the way we performed in the scrimmages,” noted Halas. “I thought we played well. We moved the football and played decent defense. By no means were they perfect or the best we can play, but they were a good starting point and something to build upon.

“I like this team,” continued the coach. “We have a lot of good players at our skill positions (quarterback, wide receiver, and running back). Our weakness this year is that we do not have much depth. The majority of the team is made up of underclassmen, so we need to stay healthy throughout the year.”

Leading the Red Devils in 2016 will be a pair of senior captains, Nick Ieng, who will see action on both sides of the ball at wide receiver and defensive back, and quarterback T.J. Patterson.

“These two are excellent players at their respective positions and should prove to be a dangerous pair for our opponents to prepare for,” said Halas. Other notable players for CHS fans to watch in 2016 are senior wide receiver/defensive back Bryan Rivas, senior wide receiver/defensive back Zach Leo, junior running back/defensive back David Bui, junior offensive lineman/linebacker Nelson Hernandez, and wide receiver/free safety Christian Herbert.

Tonight’s opener with Lynn Tech may well be the opening kickoff of the 2016 schoolboy season in Eastern Mass., with other schools in the state not opening up until Friday or Saturday. “Our kids are very excited,” said Halas of the prospect of playing in the first contest to open the 2016 high school season.

Halas and his crew will host Northeast Regional next Friday evening (September 16) under the lights at Chelsea Stadium at 7:00.

Boys soccer team

overcomes 1-0 deficit

to open with 5-2 win

The Chelsea High boys soccer team got off to a slow start, but revved into high gear in the second half to record a 5-2 victory in the Red Devils’ season-opener Tuesday afternoon at Shawsheen Tech.

Shawsheen drew first blood with nine minutes to play in the opening half to take a 1-nil advantage at the intermission. “We made a mistake in the defensive end and it cost us,” said CHS assistant coach Evan Protasowicki. “But overall, we were not playing well. We were controlling the possession, but were unable to put anything together to sustain our attack.”

However, the second half proved to be another story altogether, as the Red Devils reached the back of the Shawsheen net five times, led by senior captain Carlos Cartagena’s hat trick.

Chelsea struck soon after the opening kickoff, with sophomore midfielder Dan Sabu delivering a nice strike from just outside the 18 after he had gathered in a short goal kick, moved forward, and let fly a hard shot that caught the Shawsheen keeper off his line.

“It was a nice heads-up play by Dan and he took full advantage of the opportunity,” said Protasowicki.

Although Shawsheen responded with its second marker eight minutes later to regain the advantage, the goal proved to be a only a temporary one for CHS head coach Mick Milutinovic’s crew whose gathering momentum continued to build.

Junior captain and midfielder Kevin Umanzor-Torres brought Chelsea back to level with his first goal of the season, assisted by Humberto Suarez-Garcia, setting the stage for Cartagena’s amazing string of three goals in a span of 13 minutes.

“We moved Carlos up to the forward line from the backfield to give us some additional striking capability and it provided us with just the spark we needed,” noted Protasowicki.

After Cartagena gave Chelsea its first lead of the game with 17 minutes to play, with an assist from fellow senior captain Carlos Cruz, Carlos struck again just three minutes later (assisted by Suarez-Garcia) before applying the coup de grace with four minutes remaining. Guillherme Suarez-Ruella assisted on the final marker.

Senior Kevin Flores and sophomore Diego Granados, a newcomer to the CHS program, shared the duties in net, with each playing a half.

“Shawsheen always plays us very physically and they played us as we expected,” said Protasowicki. “It was not a pretty win, but we did what we needed to do.”

Milutinovic and his squad next will host Northeast Regional today (Thursday) and then will entertain non-league rival Everett Monday evening under the lights at Chelsea Stadium at 7:00. A large contingent of fans from both schools is expected to be on hand for that contest, which has become the biggest rivalry game on the CHS soccer schedule in recent years.

Bruins Beat by Bob Morello

Bruins: World cup of hockey

The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association have announced the schedule for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. Six players with Boston Bruins roots will be participating: Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand (Team Canada); newly acquired David Backes (Team USA); David Pastrnak (Team Czech Republic); and Tuukka Rask (Team Finland). Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara will represent Slovakia on Team Europe, and was named an Alternate Captain, joining Philadelphia Flyer Mark Streit, with L.A. King’s Anze Kopitar serving as Captain. Missing from Team Czech Republic will be Bruins forward David Krejci who has decided to focus on returning from his injury one-hundred-percent before returning to the ice. Former Bruin Dennis Seidenberg (Germany) is also listed on Team Europe. Bruins head coach Claude Julien will also participate as an assistant coach for Team Canada.

From Sept. 17 to Oct. 1, 2016, eight teams – Team Canada, Team Czech Republic, Team Finland, Team Russia, Team Sweden, Team USA, Team Europe and Team North America – will compete in a best-on-best international hockey championship. The two-week tournament, featuring more than 150 of the best players in the NHL, will progress from the Preliminary Round to the Semifinals and ultimately the Final. All tournament games will be played at Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

The eight teams are split into two Groups, Group A and Group B, for the Preliminary Round (Sept. 17-22), when each team will play its three Group opponents in a round-robin format. Group A are Team Canada, Team Czech Republic and Team USA, plus Team Europe, a pan-European roster of players from birth countries outside of the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and Sweden. Group B will have Team Finland, Team Russia, Team Sweden and Team North America, a selection of the top players from Canada and the United States who are 23 or under as of Oct. 1, 2016.

The Preliminary Round schedule will highlight two of international hockey’s fiercest rivalries on Tuesday, Sept. 20, when Team Canada and Team USA face off in Group A and Team Finland and Team Sweden meet in Group B. North American archrivals Canada and the United States have faced off for the top prize in several international finals, including the 1991 Canada Cup, 1996 World Cup of Hockey, 2002 and 2010 Olympic Winter Games and the 2004 and 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships. The Nordic powers Finland and Sweden have met in the finals of the 1995 and 2011 IIHF World Championships, the 2006 Olympic Winter Games and the 2014 IIHF World Junior Championships.

The top two finishers in Group A and Group B will advance to the Semifinals (Sept. 24 25), where the first-place team from each Group will face an elimination game against the second-place team from the other Group. The two Semifinal winners will meet in the Final, a best-of-three series on Sept. 27, Sept. 29 and, if necessary, Oct. 1.

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Sports 09-01-2016

Bruins Beat by Bob Morello

Bruins Warrior Ice Arena opening

Next Thursday (September 8th), the Boston Bruins will officially cut the ribbon on their new practice facility, the Warrior Ice Arena (80 Guest Street, Brighton) at 7:00pm. Currently a handful of B’s players have been participating in ‘Captain’s Practice.’ The grand opening will have, from the Bruins organization, Owner Jeremy Jacobs, Bruins CEO Charlie Jacobs, President Cam Neely, General Manager Don Sweeney and a few current Bruins players. Political attendees will include Governor Charlie Baker, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo.

Following the formal portion of the event, Warrior Ice Arena will host the “Boston Youth All-Star Game featuring Bruins Alumni” with local squirt players from the Boston communities of Allston-Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, Hyde Park, South Boston, West Roxbury. The Youth All-Stars will team up with Bruins alumni and together they will play the first official game on the Warrior Ice Arena surface. Doors will open at 6:00pm with festivities set to begin at 7:00pm.

On the business end, general manager Don Sweeney continues to be a ‘busy man,’ announcing that the Bruins have signed four players to one-year deals. Amongst those signing were former Harvard University star, Dominic Moore, to a one-year, two-way contract. The 36-year old Moore has a lengthy travel history, having already made appearances with nine NHL teams prior to signing with Boston, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Minnesota Wild, Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the San Jose Sharks. His most recent stay was last season with the New York Rangers who originally drafted Moore in 2000. The Bill Masterton Trophy winner in 2013-14, Moore was honored for exemplifying the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.

In addition, Sweeney also announced the recent signings of defenseman Chris Casto, three year Providence Bruins, forward Brian Ferlin, two-year Providence Bruin, and defenseman Alex Grant, previously with the Arizona Coyotes organization, all signing one-year, two-way contracts. July signings had: defensemen Colin Miller and Joe Morrow, defenseman Tommy Cross, former Bruins goaltender Anton Khudobin, defenseman John-Michael Liles, forwards Riley Nash, Tyler Randell and Tim Schaller. Not to be lost in the mix is the July 1 signing of free agent, winger David Backes, who spent ten seasons with the St. Louis Blues before agreeing to a five-year, $30 million deal with the Bruins. Backes’ five seasons as Captain of the Blues, should put him in a good position of a leadership role with the Bruins.

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Top 100 Chelsea Gross Wage Earners

By Seth Daniel

The Top 100 salaries of public employees from 2015 in Chelsea was released last week by the Law Department, and one employee was over $200,000 and all of the Top 100 made in excess of $100,000.

The payroll for the Top 100 featured 44 firefighters, 38 police officers, 16 School Department employees and two City Hall employees.

The City Manager did not appear on the list of the Top 100 as he only worked half of the year. In 2016, his name and salary are likely to crack the Top 100.

At the top of the list was Chief Brian Kyes, who came in at $229,143.

That, however, does include detail work that Kyes is allowed to perform. That is also the case for many of the police and firefighter salaries, as they perform detail assignments that are not funded by the City in most cases.

Kyes said his salary is contractual and contains the extra money due to the fact that he is a licensed attorney. Prior to become the chief, he had a law practice on the side. As a chief, he would have been allowed to continue that law practice for 16 hours per week. Instead, he opted to be allowed to perform detail work for 16 hours a week so he could do that work in the City of Chelsea – giving him more hours on the ground in the City.

Chiefs in eastern Massachusetts don’t typically work details. However, that practice was approved for former Chief Frank Garvin and Kyes continued doing details in lieu of his law practice.

“Rather than do my outside work outside the City, I chose to do it here by working details,” he said. “I don’t take details from anyone else. I’m last on the list. When no one wants it, I take it.”

Kyes said his actual salary minus details falls in the middle of the pack for Massachusetts police chiefs.

“There are chiefs that make as low as $165,000 and as high as $210,000,” he said. “My salary is comparable and I’m right in the middle.”

As a comparison, the Revere Chief of Police made $213,664 in 2015, and that did not include details.

The most employees in the Top 100 came from the Fire Department, which had 44 members on the list. That, however, was an anomaly for this year as there was $1 million in state money infused into the Fire Department from the state as part of the Silver Line project.

“There is no doubt that the increase in salaries, as it relates to the fire department, resulted from the hiring and oversight of the additional engine company placed in service to accommodate the closing of the Washington Ave Bridge, which was closed to emergency vehicles as part of the Silver Line project,” said Brian Capistran, president of the Firefighter’s Union.

“The decision to put this additional public safety equipment in service was made as a result of a fire safety analysis which was completed by Deputy Chief John Quatieri, along with other senior staff…The City successfully negotiated with MASSDOT to fund the cost of this additional engine company which was estimated at $1 million. No City tax dollars were used to fund the additional engine company (Engine 4), to supplement what we already know to be an understaffed Fire Department.”

Capistran cited that overtime due to what the Fire Union believes is understaffing, and fire details, were other reasons that firefighter salaries were high.

Name Job Gross Pay*

  1. Brian Kyes Chief Police $229,143.03
  2. Thomas Dunn Captain Police $197,149.37
  3. David Batchelor Captain Police $191,483.62
  4. John Quatieri Deputy Chief $188,091.66
  5. Robert Moschella Patrolman $179,315.84
  6. Keith Houghton Captain Police $179,067.95
  7. William Dana Captain Police $178,557.23
  8. Mary Bourque Superintendent $171,760.03
  9. Paul Eaves Deputy Chief $167,842.40
  10. Robert Cameron Deputy Chief $167,827.75
  11. Daniel Delaney Lt. Police $167,126.18
  12. Edward Marchese Patrolman $162,387.42
  13. Edward Conley Lt. Police $159,016.87
  14. Michael Thompson Captain Fire $158,105.85
  15. Michael Gurska Captain Fire $157,506.15
  16. Robert Houghton Deputy Chief $156,151.65
  17. Paul Doherty Captain Fire $155,816.60
  18. Robert Denning Captain Fire $154,869.58
  19. Edward McGarry Captain Fire $154,748.87
  20. Waynen Ulwick Deputy Chief $153,896.40
  21. Richard Wilcox Lt. Fire $151,634.72
  22. David Betz Lt. Police $150,539.15
  23. Joseph Fern Patrolman $148,894.59
  24. Rony Gobin Captain Fire $146,468.02
  25. Gerald McCue Director Exempt $145,735.72
  26. David Flibotte Sergeant $145,650.51
  27. Michael Masucci Captain Fire $145,412.29
  28. Anthony Tiro Firefighter $145,120.84
  29. Edwin Nelson Sergeant $145,084.70
  30. Jose Torres Firefighter $143,270.32
  31. Steven Waxman Firefighter $143,009.49
  32. Arthur Caissie Lt. Fire $142,548.23
  33. Joseph Conlon Lt. Fire $141,144.23
  34. Martin Conley Lt. Police $140,479.53
  35. Edward Keefe Deputy Mgr. $139,719.16
  36. Stephen Purcell Firefighter $139,142.60
  37. Philip Rogers Lt. Fire $138,701.37
  38. Paul Giancola Deputy Chief $138,537.81
  39. Scott Conley Patrolman $137,120.26
  40. Kevin Crowley Lt. Fire $135,920.0
  41. William Krasco Patrolman $135,504.38
  42. Edward Noseworthy Lt. Police $134,952.11
  43. Michael Addonizio Patrolman $134,796.27
  44. Linda Breau Asst. Super $133,325.01
  45. John Lawlor Lt. Fire $132,443.65
  46. David Rizzuto Sergeant $131,943.81
  47. Albert Peters Lt. Fire $131,868.40
  48. Janice Murphy Ret. Lt. Police $131,826.30
  49. Lyle Abell Patrolman $130,980.94
  50. John Noftle Sergeant $130,937.12
  51. Gary Poulin Firefighter $130,878.01
  52. Mary Leverone Principal $130,498.58
  53. Philip Merritt Lt. Fire $129,065.34
  54. J. Bevere Maloney Principal $127,734.93
  55. Brian Dunn Lt. Police $127,483.83
  56. Robert Griffin Lt. Police $125,386.16
  57. Robert Longo Patrolman $125,170.92
  58. Max Martins Firefighter $125,041.21
  59. Adele Lubarsky Principal $124,777.04
  60. Michael Lee Lt. Fire $124,268.65
  61. Mark Aliberti Lt. Fire $124,065.79
  62. Robert Brown Captain Fire $123,151.10
  63. Christian Lehmann Lt. Fire $122,977.36
  64. Michael Nee Sergeant $122,768.53
  65. Priti Johari Principal $122,729.88
  66. Reinaldo Valdes Firefighter $122,548.20
  67. Paul McCarthy Patrolman $122,239.80
  68. Joanne O’Brien Patrolman $121,838.71
  69. Jeffrey Bryson Principal $121,477.59
  70. Richard Bellomo Patrolman $121,211.87
  71. M. Andreottola Director/Union $120,135.22
  72. James Reddington Firefighter $119,709.57
  73. Ronald Schmidt Asst. Principal $119,185.25
  74. David Liebowitz Principal $119,078.18
  75. Star Chung Patrolman $118,819.07
  76. LInda Barber Asst. Principal $118,334.83
  77. Andrew O’Brien Principal $117,396.45
  78. Carter Glass Firefighter $116,747.98
  79. C. Avellaneda Firefighter $116,729.41
  80. Richard Perisie Captain Fire $116.115.21
  81. Bladimiro Sanchez Firefighter $115,945.41
  82. Joseph Foti Director of PW $115,838.13
  83. John Cunningham Firefighter $115,754.69
  84. Robert Zalewski Deputy Chief $114,969.02
  85. Ruben Villanueva Firefighter $114,890.36
  86. Carlos Vega Patrolman $114,853.34
  87. Emilio Ramirez Patrolman $114,228.43
  88. Stephen Garcia Patrolman $113,657.24
  89. Luis Tarraza Patrolman $113,465.77
  90. A. Casucci Patrolman $113,124.46
  91. Cove Davis Asst. Super $113,120.02
  92. Victor Ortiz Firefighter $112,659.61
  93. K. Cevallos Asst. Principal $112,454.25
  94. William Brizuela Sergeant $112,125.50
  95. Aliza Moschella Asst. Principal $111,676.16
  96. Angel Arrieta Firefighter $111,396.50
  97. Rich Carroccino Captain Fire $111,360.00
  98. Galvin Marenco Firefighter $111,261.16
  99. Sammy Mojica Patrolman $111,022.92
  100. Thomas McLain Sergeant $110,299.25

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Sports 12-17-2015

CHS Roundup

Boys basketball team opens with 74-34 win

The Chelsea High boys basketball team opened its season in impressive fashion with a runaway 74-34 triumph over Minuteman Regional Vocational School Tuesday evening at the CHS gymnasium.

Chelsea jumped out to a 19-6 advantage in the first frame and never looked back en route to opening up a 41-15 bulge at the half. Senior Angel Alvarez led Chelsea with 12 points, all coming on four three-pointers, of which Angel sank a trio in the opening quarter. Teammate Chris Torrez also had a hot hand in the opening frame, hitting for six of his eight points.

“Angel and Chris really got us going with their shooting,” said CHS head coach Jay Seigal of the duo, who combined for 15 of Chelsea’s first 19 points of the season in that first period.

Every member of the Red Devil squad saw action and most got onto the scoresheet. Steve Lacey reached double-figures with 11 points, Guillermo Zelata struck for nine, Ralphie Otero hit for eight, Elyas Ahdi scored seven, Balmeiro Daveiga added six, Mazsial Gratini scored four, Mohammed Ghell struck for three, Malik Bissett chipped in three, and Jaime Celorio added two. Colby Molina and Jahro Marshal did not tingle the twine, but also played well in their appearances.

“We played hard and it showed in the final result,” noted Seigal. “We had a tough pre-season schedule against strong teams such as Wakefield and Beverly and that helped prepare us for a quick start to our season.”

Seigal and his crew play at Lynn Tech Friday and host Whittier Monday.

CHS tracks teams

defeat Gr. Lawrence

Both the Chelsea High girls and boys indoor track teams opened their season in impressive fashion with victories over Commonwealth Athletic Conference rival Greater Lawrence.

The Lady Red Devils triumphed in convincing fashion by a score of 52-25. First-place finishers in their individual events were: Junior Melanie Nguyen in the hurdles, Senior Captain Katherine Cabral in the 300, Freshman Jocelyn Poste in the 1000, Freshman Yarid Deras in the mile, Senior Jazmine Castellon in the shot put, and a tie for first in the dash between Senior Captain Mariama Kamara and Sophomore Martine Simon.

Capping off the first-place efforts for Chelsea was the 4×400 relay team of Kamara, Simon, Poste, and Cabral.

Other scorers for the Lady Red Devil’s included Senior Captain Wendy Becerra (3rd in the 2-mile), Junior Diena Romero (2nd in the hurdles), Sophomore Awa Bajinka (2nd in the 600), Sophomore Keila DeLaCruz (3rd in the 300), Senior Cynthia Guzman (2nd in the mile), and freshman Mariseh Ceesay, who finished second in the Shot Put.

“It was a great way to start the season for this team,” said CHS head coach Mark Martineau. “Wendy Becerra had tough competition in the two-mile, an event that she typically owns. After that race the meet opened up for us. Greater Lawrence is coached well, we were not taking them for granted in any way.

“We have a great mix of veteran leadership and talented underclassmen,” continued Martineau. “For this team to continue to win the young athletes will have to continue to develop and the amazing group of veterans we have will have to continue to lead by example.”

The road became more challenging this week when Chelsea traveled to Greater Boston League rival Somerville last night (Wednesday) to take on a talented Lady Highlander squad. The week ends with Chelsea’s first trip to the Reggie Lewis Center Sunday for the Winter Festival Meet.

Similar to the girls, the boys won convincingly, 51-34. Victors in their events for the Red Devils were Junior Adriel Cedano, a double-winner who won the dash and the high jump, Junior Bryan Rivas in the hurdles, Senior Alezio DeSilva in the 300 (Alezio also finished second in the high jump), Senior Captain Jose Aguair in the 600, and Senior Captain Luka Braga in the Shotput.

Other Red Devils who added points to the CHS scoresheet were Junior Nick Ieng (2nd in the dash), Senior Captain Johnny Gomez (3rd in the 2-mile), Sophomore Alex Pedrero (3rd in the hurdles), Junior Leonardo DeAlmedia (2nd in the 300), Senior Sam Hernandez (2nd in the 1000), and Sophomore Nelson Hernandez who finished 2nd in the shotput.

Chelsea was on track to win the 4 x 400 relay, but DeAlmedia got clipped by a GL runner and fell during the race.

“This was the best way we could start our season,” said Martineau. “Greater Lawrence is always tough on the boys’ side and we did not think this was going to be easy. This group of boys is not the biggest team we have had, but they are tough. We will need to have solid performances from our veterans while our young guys develop. Helping this team is the infusion of some of the Red Devil football team who bring discipline and skill. This team will only get better and better as the year goes on.”

The boys also were scheduled to trek to Somerville yesterday (Wednesday) to meet a Highlander squad that is consistently a Division 1 track powerhouse.

“It will be a good, early-season test for our top boys to see how they stack up,” noted Martineau.

The Red Devils travel to Reggie Lewis in Boston to take part in the Winter Festival meet.

Bruins Beatby Bob Morello

Bruins with chance to move up

Despite Monday’s 3-2 overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers on Garden ice, Boston’s effort was considered ‘positive’ by Head Coach Claude Julien, as the Bruins put forth a might effort, unloading 49 shots on Oilers goalie Cam Talbot. Further proof came when Julien summed it up nicely following the loss with, “We’ve just got to kind of move on here and focus on the next game because we’re not disappointed with our effort (Monday).” For their performance Boston picked up a point, which is crucial at this time, when there is only a four-point differential in the Atlantic Division standings, between second and sixth place.

At press time (Wednesday) the Bruins were 6-1-3 in their last ten games, coming into their home-and-home matchup with the Pittsburgh Penguins. The result leaves the B’s with a good chance to make a quick climb in the standings with possible victories in both games. Division-wise they could technically move up to second place, as the four points would move them up over both Detroit and Ottawa. Boston also enjoys two games-in-hand over both teams. Conference-wise their move could take them from their current seventh-place position, up to fifth. All speculation, but at this point in the season, it is an opportunity that could result in a very ‘positive’ reward.

Pittsburgh will be without their standout goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, who has a reported concussion, and both Kris Letang and Beau Bennett have been placed on injured reserve. Former Bruins coach Mike Sullivan recently took over the reins as head coach, making line adjustments and a host of other changes in an attempt to get his high-powered offense back in gear. Their last ten game record of 3-4-3, presently has them missing a playoff spot, and holding down fifth place in the Metropolitan Division. Melrose, Massachusetts native Conor Sheary was called up from the Pens American Hockey League Wilkes-Barre/Scranton team. The 23-year-old forward has scored four goals in his last eight AHL games.

Tomorrow (Friday) night the Pens will host the Bruins in a 7:00pm start to complete the back-to-back schedule. The Bruins return to Garden ice on Sunday to face the New Jersey Devils (12/20) in a rare 5:00pm puck drop, followed by a visit from the St. Louis Blues on Tuesday (12/22 @ 7:00pm). Boston fans are more than likely not upset that Montreal, without All-Star Carey Price in net, have now lost five of their last six contests. The skid has allowed the Washington Capitals to step over the Habs, and take over the Eastern Conference’s top spot. This only adds to the importance of the Boston-Montreal, New Year’s day Winter Classic game.

Add the name of Zac Rinaldo to the Bruins’ injury report, as he was placed on injured reserve Tuesday. Rinaldo (upper body injury) joins Joonas Kemppainen (undisclosed) David Pastrnak (foot) who appears to be close to returning, and Chris Kelly (leg). Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney yesterday (Wednesday) recalled Alex Khokhlachev from Providence (AHL). The Bruins forward previously recalled the 22-year-old November 3rd, appearing in two NHL games.

Recently had the pleasure of talking hockey with former Bruins goalie Gerry Cheevers (shown below with your Bruins Beat author) at The Sports Museum’s – The Tradition. He has lost none of the quick wit and humor that was his trademark during his dozen Bruins years in the 1960s and ‘70s, while helping the team to Stanley Cup victories in 1970 and 1972. The Hockey Hall of Famer currently resides in Florida.

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