Late Winter Storm

Late Winter Storm

Bob Doherty used his snow blower to clear the sidewalks in front of his Chelsea home on Monday morning. A late winter storm dumped between 10 and 11 inches of snow on Chelsea Sunday night – leaving a winter wonderland for residents to wake up to on Monday.

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In Appreciation: Remembering Elaine Richard

In Appreciation: Remembering Elaine Richard

The greatest legacy of Elaine Marie Richard was seated in the front rows at the Our Lady of Grace Church.

The four loving and devoted sons, Ken, Jim, Jack, and Edward – these four scholar-athletes, all graduates of Chelsea High School and the best universities in the nation – led a beautiful tribute to their beautiful mother.

When it came time to encapsulate all that Mrs. Richard had meant to her family and the great example she had set for her children and the family, it was Jack Richard, who stepped to the lectern to deliver the eulogy.

A brilliant, personable man who excelled at Tufts University and Boston College Law School, Jack rose to the occasion with words that showcased the richness of his talents.

“Before I speak for my brothers, I should first speak for my mother,” he began. “Many of you here today have been so good to her through the years, and I know she would want me to begin by thanking you all and by telling you how much she and we appreciate all your kindnesses to her big and small.”

Jack told the assemblage that the day truly was “a celebration of life, a full life very well-lived and filled with great joys, but also marked by great sorrows.”

Jack said their mother grew up in a big triple decker in Chelsea “in a house full of family and faith” where she was doted on by her older sister, Marjorie, and brother, Edward.

Elaine Doherty Richard was an excellent student herself and graduated at the top of her class at the St. Rose School.

“When Elaine Doherty, that cute little girl, grew to become a beautiful young woman, she met the one and only love of her life,” said Jack. “Ken Richard was talented, handsome, strong, and as we kids would say, ‘wicked smart.’”

Elaine Doherty and Kenneth Richard married when she was 22. “The four of us were always so proud of both of our parents,” said Jack.

The four boys were born five years apart. Mrs. Richard would prepare meals for her four sons and her husband each day. She would send her sons off each morning to Our Lady of Grace School. The boys did their homework at night at the dining room table with the assistance of their mother.

“But day after day, every day, Elaine Richard did it all with grace and with cheer,” said Jack. “All in all, our mom, against all the odds at that time and place, she succeeded. She was proud to say she went 4-for-4 with her sons.”

But just as Elaine and Kenneth Richard “were about to enjoy all the benefits of their work – with all four kids in college, they were finally about to get some well-deserved time together for themselves, my young and healthy dad passed away suddenly,” related Jack. “My mother’s sweet and happy world was crushed. She was only 44 years old.”

Following the death of her husband, Elaine Richard “never quit on life and she soldiered on, and day by day, year by year, she built a new life and she taught us a lesson in grace and in perseverance, a truly good example.”

“If you know my brothers and me,” then you know Elaine Richard,” said Jack. He praised his brothers, “Ken, who was thrust in to the role of the man of the house when he was just a college kid, protective of us all and the most solid dependable man there is; Jim, a deeply spiritual man whose faith and his family are the very center of his life; and Ed, the best guy with the biggest heart who would do anything for you, but also with the strongest will of anyone I’ve ever known. We are what we are because of her.”

Jack Richard said this Christmas their mother gave the family “the most important gift and lesson.”

“She taught us how to die,” said Jack. “For two weeks, we had all been taking turns at her bedside, just as she had done with us so many times when we were sick as children. We got to say how much we loved each other. We held her hand and we told her how good she was. She spoke of how this family she had built would live on, in us, in her 12 grandchildren, in her five great-grandchildren.”

Elaine Doherty Richard died on Christmas day. She was 86 years old. She will be missed.

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Police Briefs 07-02-2015

On Tuesday morning the Chelsea Fire Department under the command of Deputy John Quatieri responded to the Salvation Army Thrift Store located at 456 Broadway for a report of an unknown odor. It was also reported to 9-1-1 Dispatchers that several employees were experiencing medical issues due to the odor and the caller was advised to immediately evacuated everyone from the store.

Upon arrival Firefighters from Tower 1 entered the store in full protective gear to evaluate the air quality with a Multi Gas Meter while Engine 2’s crew checked adjacent building as well as the outer perimeter for any hazardous material emanating from the building.

The incident was upgraded to TEIR 1 Response and the MetroFire Haz-Mat Response Team was requested to respond to assist.

Also on scene was Revere Fire Chief Gene Doherty who was part of the Haz-Mat contingency. Three employees were evaluated at the scene by members of Cataldo Ambulance. However it is unknown if any were transported to the hospital. The fire department also responded to the same location Monday on two separate occasions.

In the first incident, nothing was found. During the second it was discovered the odor was caused by a possible release of pepper spray.

The incident is currently under investigation. Here, Deputy Quatieri and Revere Fire Chief Gene Doherty confer with members of the Haz-Mat Team on Broadway.


Chelsea Police closed down Williams Street and Chelsea District Court for a time on Monday afternoon due to a suspicious device found in the area, which turned out to be non-threatening.

In the afternoon hours, the police were alerted to a device that was suspicious near the Court House.

The State Police Bomb Squad was called in and, in short order, determined the device to be non-threatening. The Court House was re-opened, as was Williams Street, though there were severe traffic backups.

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Edward P. Doherty Jr. Receives Medical Degree from University of Mass.

Edward P. Doherty Jr. Receives Medical Degree from University of Mass.

Dr.Edward Doherty Jr. (second from left) with his mother, Linda, brother, Matther and father,Edward Sr.

Dr.Edward Doherty Jr. (second from left) with his mother, Linda, brother, Matther and father,Edward Sr.

Edward P. Doherty Jr of W. Peabody, formerly of Chelsea received a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Massachusetts Worcester during a ceremony held on the medical school campus on Sunday, June 2, 2013. Edward Jr. is the son of Ret. Chelsea Fire Captain Edward P. and Linda A. Doherty of W. Peabody and his brother Matthew of Chelsea. Edward Jr. is the grandson of proud grandmothers Pauline M. (Quigley) Doherty of Chelsea and Marilyn (Honey) Klimarchuk of Chelsea.

On June 8, a celebration of Dr. Doherty’s achievement was held at Spinelli’s in Lynnfield, MA with family and friends.

Dr. Doherty earned his undergraduate degree in Biology from Boston University in 2007. A graduate of Malden Catholic High School with National Honors, Dr. Doherty attended the Assumption School in Chelsea and is a recipient of Boys Scouts highest award of Eagle Scout.

Following graduation, Dr. Doherty will serve his residency in Anesthesiology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School was created in 1962 by an act of the Massachusetts legislature to enable state residents to study medicine at an affordable cost and to increase the number of primary care physicians practicing in underserved areas of the state. Located in Worcester, New England’s second largest city, the School of Medicine accepted its first class of 16 students in 1970; the school now accepts 125 students per class.


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Honored:Teacher, Alumnae Mean Business at Chelsea High

Honored:Teacher, Alumnae Mean Business at Chelsea High

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) has honored Chelsea High School (CHS) teacher Catherine Doherty and former CHS student Jennifer LaSala as the student and teacher of the year for New England.

A few years ago, Doherty began teaching an entrepreneurship class at CHS, and it was met with wild enthusiasm from the kids at CHS – many of whom were excited to learn about starting their own business.

One of the first students in Doherty’s class was LaSala, a CHS 2011 graduate. She was able to take her idea from Doherty’s class and turn it into a burgeoning career.

LaSala, now CEO of Sugar Coated Heaven, was honored for such as the New England recipient of  the 2013 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, joining tens of others from across the nation in receiving this prestigious award. In the past two years, Jennifer turned her fledging high school NFTE business idea, Sugar Coated Heaven, into a flourishing business due to open its bakery doors this summer in Providence, where Jennifer attends Johnson & Wales University.

Equally proud is NFTE New England of Doherty, a dedicated NFTE teacher at Chelsea High for three years running, who was honored as the 2013 NFTE Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year for the New England Region. Doherty has worked hard to extend her students’ learning by bringing a Level 2 class to her school as well as developed new curriculum materials that are used throughout the NFTE organization.

Both LaSala and Doherty were honored at a special award ceremony and had the opportunity to meet NFTE’s young entrepreneurs and teachers from around the globe at a NFTE 25th Anniversary Gala held on April 23rd at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria.

Social entrepreneur and renowned educator, Steve Mariotti, founder of NFTE, was also honored. The event, supported by MasterCard Worldwide and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, recognized 37 outstanding young entrepreneurs from 10 different nations, alongside 25 entrepreneurial educators.  Today, NFTE is an international non-profit organization committed to engaging and inspiring youth in low-income communities around the world to pursue educational opportunities, start their own businesses, and succeed in life.


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