School Committee’s Garcia Fires Back After Hernandez Letter

About one month after former School Committeeman Julio Hernandez – the vice chair of the Committee – suddenly resigned, citing a lack of interest in the Committee from other members, one member is firing back to say the School Committee is committed.

Kelly Garcia.

In his letter last month, Hernandez cited financial reasons mostly for his resignation, but also indicated that many members of the School Committee didn’t show up to meetings and didn’t have the best interest of the kids at heart.

In a letter to the Record this week, member Kelly Garcia said she disagreed with that summation and defended her record.

“I persevered and fought against every obstacle that came my way, and I continue to serve on the committee and stand right by my students both in my classroom as a Special Education teacher, as an advocate for increased funding at the State House on Beacon Hill, and the School Committee member representing District 7,” she wrote. “I never gave up on the students of Chelsea because once again, and in Hernandez’s own words, ‘our students’ education is no JOKE.’

“I was appalled to read such negative commentary by a former elected official,” she continued. “A person who has chosen to break his commitment to the Chelsea School District and its students should not be now using social media to undermine those who are left to choose a replacement, while at the same time, having to choose a new Superintendent.”

The letter also indicated that she believed it was Hernandez that failed the students of Chelsea, urging him to move on with dignity.

“Hernandez is an aspiring professional, and I ask that he leave this position with dignity and respect for himself and for his former colleagues who continue to work hard attending the majority of the meetings, asking thought-provoking questions, and searching for the next superintendent,” she wrote.

Hernandez’s resignation came just before the resignation of School Committee Chair Rich Maronski, who also voiced frustrations with the fact that many members don’t attend meetings. He is continuing to serve out through the end of the superintendent search.

Hernandez resigned immediately after the letter.

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Council, School Committee Seeks to Fill Vacancies Quickly

The Chelsea City Council and School Committee held a joint meeting on Tuesday night, April 9, to get a quick step forward on filling two vacancies on the School Committee.

Members Present included City Councilors Roy Avellaneda, Damali Vidot, Bob Bishop, Luis Tejada, Enio Lopez, Judith Garcia, and Yamir Rodriguez.

School Committee members present were Frank DePatto, Rosemarie Carlisle, Jeannette Velez, Rich Maronski, Lucia Henriquez, Ana Hernandez, Kelly Garcia, and Yessenia Alfaro.

Due to the recent resignations of School Committee Chairman Richard Maronski and Vice Chairman Julio Hernandez, the Chelsea City Council and Chelsea School Committee are looking to fill their seats.

“This is a job that should be taken seriously and hopefully we get someone that’s responsible and will show up,” said Maronski.

“It’s unfortunate that we have these two sudden resignations, but I’m hopeful as it has allowed for significant dialogue around expectations and the representation our families deserve,” said Council President Damali Vidot. “I am looking forward to working with the School Committee to fill the vacancies.”

Any residents of District 3 or District 5 that are interested in serving the remaining unexpired terms through December 2019, are asked to submit their resumes and letters of interest to City Council and Chelsea School Committee at: or mail to City Council at 500 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150.

Candidates must be registered voters in their respective districts and must be able to pass a CORI. The Chelsea City Council and School Committee will be accepting resumes until Friday April 26, and will conduct interviews on Monday April 29. Anyone that lives in either District 3 or District 5 is encouraged to apply. If you aren’t sure of your district, please visit HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” under the City Clerk’s department for a map or call the City Clerks office at (617) 466-4050.

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School Committee Chair Rich Maronski Resigns from His Seat Cites Frustrations with Committee Attendance

School Committee Chair Rich Maronski Resigns from His Seat Cites Frustrations with Committee Attendance

School Committee Chair Rich Maronski announced on Tuesday that he will be resigning from the Committee as of May 3 – citing that the frustrations with attendance at the meetings was getting in the way of his family life.

Maronski has been on the Committee for four years, and was appointed at the time. He previously served on the City Council, but said his experience on the School Committee was much more frustrating – leading him to decide it was time to move on.

“I believe the taxpayers aren’t getting their money’s worth and the kids are paying the penalty,” he said. “It needs to change. Our School Committee needs to go back the old way or they need to be appointed. It’s the only job I know where you don’t have to show up, don’t have to call in and don’t get fired. I hope our City leaders take a deep look at this and make some changes.”

Maronski was elected chair this year in his fourth year, and he was accompanied as vice chair by Julio Hernandez, who also resigned last week.

While Hernandez cited family and school complications, he also said he left frustrated by the sparse attendance of some members of the Committee.

“I loved working in the School Committee, but it also made me angry to see some members not show up to meetings, not ask questions, and not have thorough discussions regarding our students’ education,” he said in a statement last week. “…I now believe School Committee Members should be appointed, because our students’ education is no joke.”

Maronski said things started off bad from day one, when he showed up to take his appointed seat but not enough School Committee members showed up to form a quorum and have an official meeting.

“I had to come back another night when there were enough members there to have a meeting,” he said.

He also said he became severely frustrated two years ago when the Committee was faced with voting on a $1.1 million grant that would help save jobs for teachers that had been cut.

The Committee only had to show up in enough numbers for a formality vote that accepted the grant.

“We didn’t have enough members for a quorum and we couldn’t vote on a measure that was going to save teacher jobs,” he said. “There are no phone calls and people just don’t show up…It’s been going on for years.”

More recently, he said the Committee wasn’t able to get enough people to vote on the Superintendent’s Job Description, so the Search Committee had to work for a month with only an unapproved draft until they could get enough members at a meeting to vote.

“My well-being and my family’s well-being come first,” he said. “I was taking this home with me. I’m getting married soon and it wasn’t fair. The reason why I chose to resign is because maybe I could bring light to our City leaders that this situation has to change…We do have some very good School Committee members that give their time, but a lot don’t.”

He said the Committee also plays an important role for supporting the kids in the schools. He said he would love to see a Committee where members are active and involved, supporting the kids at reading events, sporting events and concerts.

“We live in a City where there are a lot of single parent homes and so it’s even more important the School Committee members show up to these kids’ events to support them,” he added.

Maronski said he had all the respect in the world for the Central Office, the principals, the teachers and the buildings/grounds crews.

He also said Supt. Mary Bourque has done a great job in a hard job.

“Mary Bourque has the toughest job in the city,” he said. “We had our differences, but 90 percent of the time we agreed and only 10 percent we didn’t.”

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School Committeeman Julio Hernandez Resigns

School Committeeman Julio Hernandez Resigns

By Adam Swift and Seth Daniel

In a sudden move, District 5 School Committee member Julio Hernandez has resigned – one of the City’s up-and-coming political figures that many thought had a big future on the Committee.

Hernandez, a Chelsea High graduate, told the Record this week that it was with a heavy heart that he resigned, and he felt it was necessary as he had to work more hours and attend college at the same time.

“When I ran for office, I had more support from my family,” he said. “As rent started getting higher, I knew that I needed more income, and while still being in college, I decided to look at other jobs.

“I loved working in the School Committee, but it also made me angry to see some members not show up to meetings, not ask questions, and not have thorough discussions regarding our students’ education,” he continued. “Student advocacy has always been my platform, to serve all students the right way. From starting the policy of an outdoor graduation, to having the opportunity to work with many teachers who really care about this community. I now believe School Committee Members should be appointed, because our student’s education is no joke.”

Hernandez, 20, said college, family and financial constraints hit all at once this year, and he couldn’t in good conscience serve on the Committee while not being able to show up.

“I know once I’m done with college, I’ll be back to serve the community I love and cherish,” he said. “I want to thank all the people who supported me, and are still supporting me in my time of sorrow.”

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, Council President Damali Vidot said Hernandez had given notice to the City Clerk that he would be stepping down as of April.

Because his resignation is more than 180 days from a City Election, Vidot said the City Charter calls for a joint meeting of the Council and the School Committee within 30 days to appoint a replacement. That replacement would serve through the city election in November, when the position will be on the ballot.

“Julio was an incredible leader during his tenure,” said District 5 City Councillor Judith Garcia. “He did an incredible job while on the School Committee and was a great representative for District 5.”

Garcia encouraged anyone from District 5 who is interested to apply for the open seat.

However, Councillor-At-Large Roy Avellaneda said the Council and the School Committee may want to leave the position open until the municipal election.

“I may have some reservations about filling the post,” said Avellaneda. “There’s only one more month until (candidates can) pull papers, and then the election is in November. I feel it may be best to leave the seat unfilled.”

Appointing someone to a short-term on the School Committee would give that person a leg up on other candidates who run for the seat in the general election, Avellaneda said.

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CHS Junior Wins National Title

CHS Junior Wins National Title

Bobby Goss, Eddie Richard, Richard Bradley Steve DePaulo, Katrina Hill, Drenda Carroll, Nicole Hancock and the late Anthony “Chubby” Tiro” are among the best to ever compete in the Chelsea High track programs.

Stephanie Simon has joined that illustrious group – and she’s only a junior.

Simon completed her indoor track campaign with an unprecedented accomplishment: winning the long jump championship in the Emerging Elite Division at the 2019 New Balance Nationals that was held in New York City.

Simon soared to victory with a career-best jump of 18 feet, 10.75 inches, remarkably eclipsing her previous best by seven inches.

CHS track coach Cesar Hernandez was not surprised by Simon’s victory or the dramatic way in which she achieved it.

“Stephanie had jumped 17-9 as her best in her first three attempts,” said Hernandez. “In the final, she took off to 18-10. I knew she had it in her.”

Hernandez and CHS Director of Athletics Amanda Alpert watched the drama unfold at the Nationals.

“It was exciting to watch the long jump competition,” said Hernandez. “It feels good to coach a national champion.”

Alpert, who has won national championships as a women’s professional football player and coach, said the whole scene at Nationals was “amazing.”

“To hear and see the number that Stephanie posted was amazing,” said Alpert. “It was just about her hitting the board right and she did.”

Alpert said Simon’s competitiveness and work ethic set the foundation to victory.

“Stephanie is a rarely seen combination of hard work, dedication and pure talent,” said Alpert. “She has put in so much time in to making herself better both physically and mentally. Her dedication to the sport and her craft is amazing, but a lot of that comes from the Chelsea track coaching staff. They work to instill the importance of hard work and dedication because that is what is more important and will help you succeed after high school.”

Alpert expounded on the Chelsea coaches’ contributions to the Stephanie Simon success story.

“We have an incredible coaching staff that has played a part in the team and Stephanie’s success,” said Alpert. “We are fortunate to have Cesar Hernandez, who is a Red Devil himself and competed on the collegiate level as jumper and has helped bring Stephanie to the next level.

“While Mark Martineau and Adam Aronson (both collegiate-level track athletes) are no longer coaching, Mark laid the mental frameworks for what it means to be a student athlete, and Adam had taken a lot of time to teach the athletes how to be lifters and work their way around a weight room.”

Simon and her teammates will begin their outdoor track schedule in April. There is no doubt that Stephanie Simon is on the radar of college colleges nationwide.

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Stem Night Egg Drop

Stem Night Egg Drop

Twin sisters Eliana and Edlyn Hernandez (8) unwrap their vessel to see if their egg is still hard boiled or scrambled, and the twins find success – one intact egg. The twin sisters were just one group out of many that joined in on the Kelly School’s STEM Night Egg Drop experiment last Thursday, Jan. 31. Students used math, science and engineering lessons to create a protective cover for their egg, which was then dropped from a 30-foot crane.

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Police Briefs 08-04-2016

Tuesday, 7/26

Quintavius Smith, 22, 85 Blossom St., Chelsea, was arrested for failing to stop for police, speeding, stop sign violation, operating motor vehicle unlicensed, receiving stolen property over $250, reckless operation of motor vehicle.

Domenic Strazzulla, 53, 151 Liverpool St., East Boston, was arrested on a warrant.

Jomael DeJesus, 19, 93 Bellingham St., Chelsea, was arrested on warrants.

Marbin Bardales, 34, 15 Haskel Ave., Revere, was arrested for possessing/drinking open alcoholic beverage in public.

Spencer Clark, 38, 8 Grove St., Chelsea, was arrested for assault with dangerous weapon, threat to commit crime.

Mario Hurtado, 24, 725 Broadway, Chelsea, was arrested on conspiracy to violate drug law.

Carlos Hernandez, 21, 29 Library St., Chelsea, was arrested for operating motor vehicle with suspended/revoked license (2 counts).

Elizabeth Toro, 30, 959 Broadway, Chelsea, was arrested for assault and battery aggravated on pregnant person.

Wednesday, 7/27

Amy Pinabella, 43, 59 Bellingham St., Chelsea, was arrested on warrants.

Thursday, 7/28

Anastacio Rivera, 25, 116 Curwin Circle, Lynn, was arrested on 5 warrants.

Brunildo Pabon, 40, 26 Eleanor St., Chelsea, was arrested for breaking and entering nighttime vehicle/boat for felony (2 counts), possessing burglarious instrument.

Friday, 7/29

Wilmer Reyes, 28, 948 Broadway, Chelsea, was arrested for operating of motor vehicle unlicensed, marked lanes violation, failure to wear seat belt.

Daniel Barke, 25, 110 Malden St., Everett, was arrested on warrant.

Dramane Ky, 25, 14 Central Ave., Chelsea, was arrested for disorderly conduct, assault and battery.

Saturday, 7/30

Madeline Rosa, 39, 767 Broadway, Chelsea, was arrested for assault and battery on +60 disabled, unarmed robbery on +60, assault and battery with dangerous weapon on +60 person.

Pedro Hernandez, 23, 767 Broadway, Chelsea, was arrested for assault and battery on +60/disabled, unarmed robbery on a +60, arrest warrant.

Sunday, 7/31

Robert Soroka, 42, 235 Revere St., Revere, was arrested for receiving stolen property over $250.

Dany Betanco, 38, 71 Congress Ave., Chelsea, was arrested for malicious destruction of property over $250, witness intimidation, larceny over $250.

Kendrick Tate, 24, 27 Gerrish Ave., Chelsea, was arrested on a warrants, home invasion, kidnapping, witness intimidation, assault with dangerous weapon, possessing to distribute Class D drug, possessing Class B drug.

Lucio Martinez, 19, 79 Marshall St., Somerville, was arrested for witness intimidation, kidnapping, possessing to distribute Class D drug, possessing Class B drug.

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Softball Champs


The team includes, Doris Hernandez, Maria Andurai, Sophia Vital, Jaylee Ortiz, Trinity Hoffman, Kylie Lemerise, Alyssa Soule, Julianna Vargas, Michelle Coreas, Melany Vargas Jayvianna Hunter, Raquel Class, Monica Cruz, coaches Henry Hoffman Colleen Soule.

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Sports 12-03-2015

Red Devils drop holiday tilt with Matignon, 18-12

The Chelsea High football team turned in a valiant effort, but came up short by a score of 18-12 in a Thanksgiving Day battle with Matignon at Dilboy Stadium.

The contest began well for the Red Devils. After the CHS defense forced Matignon to punt on its opening possession, the Red Devils marched 50 yards for a touchdown, capped by a four yard burst into the end zone by sophomore David Bui.

However, Matignon bounced back thanks to a big return on the ensuing kickoff which brought the ball to the Chelsea 30. Matignon then executed a flanker reverse on second down to cover the 32 yard distance into the Chelsea end zone to knot matters at 6-6.

The teams then exchanged punts, with Nick Ieng taking the Matignon kick and racing 64 yards for an apparent touchdown. However, Nick’s fine effort was called back because of a ref’s flag on a Chelsea player for a block in the back. With the Red Devils taking possession at their own 38, Chelsea proceeded to nullify the penalty by marching into the Matignon end zone. Senior captain Dennys Hernandez, an offensive lineman, got the call for the final two yards to make it 12-6 in favor of Chelsea.

“It’s always nice to reward a senior lineman who has put in the work for four years both in the weight room and in the trenches on the offensive line,” said CHS head coach Jack Halas. “Dennys is a great kid, and I’m glad we were able to give him the ball for the touchdown in the final game of his CHS career.”

However, all of the good work of the Chelsea offense went for naught thanks once again to poor coverage on the ensuing kickoff. The Matignon kick returner took the ball all the way to the CHS three yard line, with kicker Henry Lemus making a saving tackle. Still, three plays later Matignon reached paydirt to even matters at 12-12.

The half ended with Chelsea punting on its next offensive possession and Red Devil Luis Jiminez intercepting a Matignon “Hail Mary” pass as the clock wound down.

The second half proved to be defensive struggle. The Red Devils were able to advance only as far as the Matignon 32 in the third quarter, with the drive sputtering out thanks to a mishandled snap on a third-and-five. Matignon then took over and put together its best drive of the day, aided once again primarily by a wide-receiver reverse play that eventually led to a touchdown from the Chelsea three yard line.

With the contest now in the fourth quarter, the Red Devil defense needed to make a stop, and it did, giving the ball to Chelsea at the CHS 46 with about 4:00 to play. The Red Devils appeared primed to seize the momentum. Ieng carried for 22 yards off the right side, Bui ran for eight more yards, and a 12 yard completion over the middle from Mike Rowan to Dashuan Alves gave Chelsea a first-and-10 at the Matignon 16.

However, that would prove to be as close as Chelsea would get to the Matignon end zone, as the drive ended after two incomplete passes. Matignon then was able to take knees to end the ballgame.

“It was a tough one to lose,” said Halas. “Give lots of credit to Matignon. They had a game plan which they executed well. We did not make the key plays or enough plays to allow us to win the ballgame. They made more plays than we did, and they deserved to win the game. They outplayed us.

“Obviously, it was not the way we wanted to send our seniors out on Thanksgiving,” added Halas. “We left too many opportunities out on the field. The big play hurt us badly both in the kicking game and defensively. We had a couple of drives offensively sputter out because of poor execution.”

A number of Red Devils turned in fine performances. Rowan hit on 13-of-18 passes for 71 yards. Jiminez was his chief target with six receptions for 41 yards. Alves grabbed two passes for 15 yards. Ieng lugged the ball 13 times for 74 yards and caught three passes for 12 yards. Bui rushed for 38 yards on seven attempts and had two receptions for three yards to go with his TD. Hernandez had one carry for two yards and a TD.

Defensively, Hernandez was a bulwark with six tackles. Alves and Nelson Hernandez were credited with five tackles each. The duo of Edwin Dubon and Bui made four tackles apiece.

Bruins Beatby Bob Morello

Bruins ‘Go West Young Man’

Using the popular idiom – “the early bird gets the worm,’ the Boston Bruins left a day earlier for their Western road trip, with the hopes of creating a more fitting idiom, such as “the early team gets the win.” Departing a day earlier to arrive in Edmonton on Monday, Boston opened up their stay by one more day, which means that they arrived, relaxed, and had their Tuesday morning practice in Edmonton, instead of Wilmington.

Coach Claude Julien explained, “It just shows how important this road trip is to us. We know there is a difference and a time change and everything else, and that represents a challenge in itself in any normal situation. So we thought coming in a day earlier and getting ourselves acclimated to, I guess, this area here and making the most of it was basically what we’re trying to do here.” It made good sense for the Bruins players to enjoy a solid night’s sleep for the two days prior to last night’s (Wednesday 9:30pm) road trip opener versus the Edmonton Oilers, all the while adjusting to the time difference, and a lengthy airplane ride. Having had a four-day layoff since earning their huge win over the New York Rangers, the question to be answered is: “Does ‘rest’ equal ‘rust,’ or ‘resilience?’

The Oilers roster will be missing two of their top players due to injuries, number one pick, Connor McDavid, and Nail Yakupov. While this matchup looks like an easy win for the Bruins, Edmonton, despite holding the bottom spot in league standings, has had spurts of playing well of late, and will likely not be easy pickings for the Bruins. The Bruins were looking to notch a victory over the Oilers and their general manager, former B’s GM, Peter Chiarelli, to start the three-game road trip, but their focus is on playing the steady, consistent hockey that has earned them their five-game win streak.

Nothing short of a three-game sweep on this road trip will be considered acceptable, or as coach Julien summarized, “We all know these western trips are always tough trips, no matter where the teams are in the standings, I’m really focused on having a good road trip here. A good start to this trip is imperative. We’ve got a little bit of a streak going and we know the feeling of winning. So it’s about doing the right things to keep it going.”

On Friday, Boston will begin a back-to-back schedule with a game versus the Calgary Flames (12/4 at 9:00pm), and finishes up with the Bruins taking on the Vancouver Canucks (Saturday 12/5 at 10:00pm).

This current stretch of five games in eight days will wrap up with Boston hosting the Nashville Predators (Monday 12/7 at 7:00pm), then back on the road to take on the Montreal Canadiens (Wednesday 12/9 at 7:30pm). The B’s left Boston with a five-game win streak which they hope to have extended to eight, at the expense of three Western Conference teams that are currently mired in the bottom six positions of their conference – all out of playoff position. A possible downside is the fact Boston has not faced any of the three teams they will meet on the three game road trip, which means it may take some time for the Bruins to adjust to the new faces and styles.

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Police Briefs 10-22-2015

Monday, 10/5

Alexander Santana, 28, 461 Crescent Ave., Chelsea, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle unlicensed, unregistered, ininsured

Jude Cutone, 48, 207 Shurtleff St., Chelsea, was arrested on warrants.

Marlon Rodriguez, 31, 94 Erving St., Everett, was arrested for improper turn, operating motor vehicle unlicensed, furnishing false name.

Angel Quilan, 25, 45 Winter St., Quincy, was arrested on a warrant.

Amilcar Hernandez-Rodriguez, 26, 31 Heard ST., Chelsea, was arrested for operating motor vehicle unlicensed, one way violation.

Tuesday, 10/6

Antonio Rivas, 23, 110 Orange St., Chelsea, was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon.

Alberto Lopez Junior, 21, 88 Williams ST., Chelsea, was arrested for possessing to distribute Class B drug, conspiracy to violate drug law, possessing to distribute Class D drug.

Michael Fitzpatrick, 46, 767 Broadway, Chelsea, was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, warrant, assault with serious bodily injury, assault to murder, carrying dangerous weapon.

Wednesday, 10/7

Jose Ramos, 28, 12 Fourth ST., Chelsea, was arrested for shoplifting.

Segundo Lopez, 39, 9 Casatle Apt. 7

Marshfield, was arrested for operating motor vehicle unlicensed, red light violation.

Carlos Torres, 39, 35 Jefferson Ave., Chelsea, was arrested for operating under the influence of liquor & serious injury, operating motor vehicle unlicensed, reckless operation of motor vehicle.

Thursday, 10/8

Juan Lassend-Soto, 25, 32 Carmel St., Chelsea, was arrested or possessing Class A drug.

Friday, 10/9

Sully Rios, 23, 122 Beacon St., Chelsea, was arrested on a warrant.

Jose Colon, 18, 199 Chestnut St., Chelsea, was arrested or assault with a dangerous weapon, threat to commit crime.

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