City Hall Clock Tower Unveils New Lighting Scheme

City Hall Clock Tower Unveils New Lighting Scheme

By Seth Daniel

Let there be light atop the Chelsea City Hall.

This Monday, the City officially unveiled a light illumination feature in the clock tower of City Hall – a feature that can be seen prominently from Rt.

The Chelsea City Hall clock tower has finally been illuminated after many years of advocacy by Councillor Matt Frank. The project was unveiled on Monday and displays holiday-themed colors at the moment.

The Chelsea City Hall clock tower has finally been illuminated after many years of advocacy by Councillor Matt Frank. The project was unveiled on Monday and displays holiday-themed colors at the moment.

1 and the Soldiers’ Home and adds some variety to the Chelsea skyline.

When it went on Monday night, the new lighting scheme alternated green and red colors to match the City’s new Christmas decorations in the downtown area.

The lighting coincided with the last meeting of Councillor Matt Frank, who has long asked for the City to look into introducing some creative lighting on the exterior of City Hall.

Afterward, he said he was very happy to see that the City had taken his request seriously and had actually implemented it before he left office.

“I am beyond delighted that the City was able to complete the first phase of the clock tower light project on the eve of my last City Council meeting,” he said. “It’s a project I have been pushing for since the late 2000s and I am hoping they take the next step by installing outdoor lights to also bring light to the outer structure. Currently the lights are going red and green for the holidays and I’ve been told they are considering using the new lights for snow emergency purposes with a blinking blue.

“Combined with the fixing of the lights on the clock tower, this gives the City a powerful new tool when it comes to civic pride,” he  continued. “The lights can be used to signal victory for our high school teams, to show holiday spirit and to showcase City Hall as a beacon for miles in every direction. Symbolism is a powerful thing. Hopefully this light will play it’s part in helping to bring more civic engagement to City Hall.”

Meanwhile, City Manager Tom Ambrosino said he gives all the credit to Frank and to Fidel Maltez of Public Works.

“It’s just another small part of our efforts to improve the Downtown,” said Ambrosino. “I have to give the credit for the idea to Councilor Frank. I would have never thought of that on my own.”

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Plan, Wash Hands and Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Plan, Wash Hands and Stay Healthy for the Holidays

By Seth Daniel

The holidays present a unique month-long time of the year when people often can find themselves in a much different pattern than during the rest of the year. Such changes can often lead to unhealthy behaviors or illnesses – and triggers for those struggling with overeating disorders or substance use disorders.

Going into the holidays with a plan and a watchful eye – from the dinner table to the kids’ toys – is a necessity.

To learn how to stay healthy during this unique time of year, why not ask the best?

Dr. David Roll, a primary care physician for all ages and the medical director at the CHA Revere and CHA Everett Primary Care practices, was recently named on of the region’s Top Doctors in the Boston Magazine December issue. The annual list looks at top doctors in every specialty and in primary care as well.

Roll said he is fortunate to have a good team around him, and that is crucial in medical care delivery.

“I’m very fortunate to have a great team in Cambridge Health Alliance and at our clinics in Everett and Revere, with a great range of physicians, physician assistants, nurses and other staff to help improve the health of our communities,” he said. “Medicine today is a team sport and there are no top doctors without top teams.”

From the area’s Top Doctor, here are some things to watch for on the holidays as it relates to one’s health.

Q: Many people find it hard to stay healthy over the holidays. There are numerous flus, colds and other maladies that are brought into parties and celebrations. What are the best precautions to take over the holidays?

A:  I make sure everyone in my family gets a flu shot and I advise all my patients to do the same. It’s not possible to get the flu from the shots we use today. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the kids and grandparents in your family, who could end up in the hospital if they get the flu from you. Also, cover your cough and wash your hands frequently – simple but important.

 Q:  Food and the holidays are literally tied at the hip. For a lot of people, keeping to a diet or keeping a healthy eating pattern is difficult. What do you recommend?

A:  It’s all about balance. If you’re snacking more during the day, take a small plate for dinner. If you’re planning for a big holiday meal, eat light and drink lots of water throughout the day. If you want to try everything, take a bite or two of each dish.

 Q:  Everyone always talks about post-holiday depression. Is that really a thing? If so, how can people prepare for it and do they need to?

A:  I think it’s real. Sometimes people feel there’s nothing to look forward to after a long-awaited vacation and time with family. One solution is to schedule an event or a long weekend two or three weeks after the holiday – something else to look forward to. As the new year approaches, you might also want to think about scheduling your annual physical for 2018, to talk with your care team or schedule any health screenings that are overdue.

 Q:  Is it an old wives tale that one can get sick by going out in the cold without a hat and coat, or is there some medical soundness to that old claim?

A:  It’s mostly myth. Cold temperatures and dry air make a slightly more hospitable environment for some viruses in your nose and throat.  But colds are caused by viruses and the main reason people get more colds in the winter is spending more time indoors with other people.

 Q:  What are some of the common holiday-associated problems that patients have presented to you and your staff over the years?

A:  This time of year we see a lot of people worried about a persistent cough. Most people aren’t aware that the average duration of a cough is about 18 days. Usually it can be controlled with home remedies or over-the-counter medications, and it rarely requires antibiotics. At the CHA Revere Care Center, we offer sick visits Monday-Friday and Saturdays until 1 p.m., to help people who need to been seen for an illness.

Q:  Are there signs that parents should watch for in their children both before, during and after the holidays?

A:  Aside from the usual respiratory and stomach viruses, this is the time of year when food, fuel, and housing insecurity have their sharpest sting, and disproportionately affect our most vulnerable patients, especially the young and the old. For those who can, it’s a great time to think about donating to local food pantries and supporting the services that are most needed in the winter.

 Q:  Substance abuse can invade the holidays for some people. How do you address that with patients who struggle with substance use disorders?

A:  If you’re in recovery, make a party plan in advance for those high-risk or high-stress occasions:  Go late, leave early, and take a sober friend along. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The assistance you need may be as close as a friend, a coworker, your doctor’s office at Cambridge Health Alliance, or one of our partners in the community.

 Q:  There are a lot of toys and gifts that can be harmful or dangerous to children. Should parents think about toy safety over the holidays, or is that overdoing it?

A:  Well-meaning family and friends often give gifts that are not appropriate to a child’s age. Age limits are on toys for a reason, mostly to prevent younger children from choking on small parts. In the end, there is no substitute for parental supervision, especially with small children and small toys. Also, if you gift a bike or skateboard, buy the protective gear to go with it.

 Q:  What is your favorite holiday treat?

A:  I love date bars, just like my mother used to make. It’s one of those rich treats you have to balance with good eating, especially if you can’t resist a second trip to the dessert tray.

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Merry Christmas

Another Christmas is at hand and families will gather, as they have done for generations, to celebrate the holiday season with our friends and loved ones.

Peace on earth, joy to the world, and the like may be platitudinous phrases when spoken at any other time of the year, but during the Christmas season they truly mean something, regardless of one’s religious beliefs or faith (or lack thereof).

The vast majority of our fellow members of the human race truly desire that kindness and goodwill toward others should triumph over mankind’s basest instincts. The holiday season grants us a reprieve from the turmoil of everyday life, allowing us to reconnect with what is good in all of us and to recalibrate our sense of what truly is important in our lives — our family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

During the Christmas season of 2015, we urge all of our readers to step back and think about what is good about our lives, our town, our state, our nation, and our world, rather than paying attention to the news headlines, which only focus on the negative.

As we watch our children and grandchildren enjoy the holidays, let’s be sure to share in their delight — we promise it will bring joy to even the most hardened hearts among us.

We wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

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Winter Open House at The Estates on Admiral’s Hill Assisted Living Residences

Winter Open House at The Estates on Admiral’s Hill Assisted Living Residences

The Estates on Admiral’s Hill, part of the Chelsea Jewish Foundation (CJF), will hold a winter open house for its two assisted living residences on Thursday, Jan. 8 from 3-6 p.m. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the executive team at The Estates, tour the spacious apartments and discuss the available services and amenities. Complimentary home-made appetizers and desserts will be served by on our on-site chef. Located on scenic Admiral’s Hill at 201 Captains Row in Chelsea, The Estates is comprised of two separate residences: Cohen Florence Levine Estates, a traditional assisted living and Florence & Chafetz Home for Specialized Care, an assisted living residence for those in need of additional memory support services. Daily amenities include healthy and delicious meals, a 24 hour café with made-from-scratch baked goods, hair and nail salon, library, living room, great room for concerts and shows, and an outdoor courtyard area for seasonal recreational activities. There are also a wide range of social and recreational events at both assisted livings, including excursions, concerts, shows, games, lectures, “Friends & Family” celebrations, among many others. “The holidays bring families together and, as a result, January is a time when many ponder living options for senior family members,” explains Adam Berman, President of the Chelsea Jewish Foundation. “This open house is a way to see, first hand, what assisted living is all about. Meeting our staff and residents really gives one an in-depth look at the assisted living experience.” To RSVP to the open house and reserve a special welcome gift, please call Kristen Donnelly at 617-887-0826 or email

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Happy Rosh Hashanah

Happy Rosh Hashanah

We wish the members of the Jewish community in Chelsea a happy and healthy New Year (Rosh Hashanah) as they begin the celebration of the Year 5775 at sundown next Wednesday, leading to the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) that begins at sundown on October 3.

Chelsea used to be home to thousands of Jews and there were many synagogues and temples. Young boys and girls attended the Chelsea Hebrew School that was located from Chelsea City Hall.

At Temple Emmanuel, president Sara Lee Callahan has re-energized the congregation with her enthusiasm and hard work, making the temple a welcoming place for new families that have moved to our city. Former Chelsea residents still come to Temple Emmanuel for services and social events.

Former Chelsea resident Herbie Kupersmith has become synonymous with the Walnut Street Synagogue and he has devoted many hours of his time raising funds to keep the synagogue going forward. We commend Mr. Kupersmith for his efforts and his dedication to the shul.



Rabbi and Cantor Oksana Chapman and the congregation at Temple Emmanuel Chelsea warmly welcome everyone, especially Chelsea’s newest residents, to join them for the upcoming High Holidays season. Temple Emmanuel is a fully active and majestic synagogue located in Cary Square which opened in 1929 and follows the Jewish tradition in a modern and flexible manner, with new books and much active congregant participation.

This Saturday, September 20th at 7:00 PM, all are welcomed to a Selichot Service entitled “Cosmos and Knishes Open House” with mouth watering Knishes and more (All homemade by Temple women). Other unique and special High Holiday events include Tashlich on the Waterfront at Admiral Hill following Rosh Hashanah Services on Thursday, September 24th, “Kol Nidre in Voice and Cello” on Friday October 3rd, and “Sukkot Under the Stars” on Wednesday, October 8th. A complete schedule may be found below:


Erev Rosh Hashanah Service – Wednesday Evening, September 23rd, 6:30 PM

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Service – Thursday, September 24th, 9:30 AM.

(Followed by Tashlikh on the Waterfront at Admiral Hill)

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Service – Friday, September 25th, 9:30 AM.


Kol Nidre VOICE & CELLO Service – Friday October 3rd, 6:30 PM

Yom Kippur Service – Saturday October 4th, 9:30 AM

BREAK-THE-FAST SUPPER Celebration – Saturday Night, October 4th, following Neelah Service at sundown


“Sukkot Under the Stars” – Wednesday, October 8th at 7:00 PM

For more information:


60 Tudor Street – Chelsea, MA 617 889-1736


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Metaphysical Messages: Zonta Club of Chelsea Set for ‘medium’ Fundraiser Friday Night

Metaphysical Messages:  Zonta Club of Chelsea Set for ‘medium’ Fundraiser Friday Night

Helping out at the Empty Bowls event in support of the Chelsea Hunger Network were, Zonta members, from left, president Georgia Green, Bonnie Fishman, Stephanie Mc- Conaghy, and Margo Johnson. Zonta is hosting a fundraiser Friday night in Saugus.

Helping out at the Empty Bowls event in support of the
Chelsea Hunger Network were, Zonta members, from left,
president Georgia Green, Bonnie Fishman, Stephanie Mc-
Conaghy, and Margo Johnson. Zonta is hosting a fundraiser
Friday night in Saugus.

The Zonta Club of Chelsea donates funds to numerous local projects, presents scholarships and school supplies to students, and distributes food baskets during the holidays.

It is an organization that has a proud history in the city, always pursuing endeavors to improve the status of women. The Zonta organization’s charitable reach and goodwill extends beyond the borders of Chelsea and in fact touches lives internationally.

The Chelsea Zontians advance their mission of helping others through a solid foundation of fundraising events. The club has hosted fashion shows, comedy nights, and other events through the years.

The club’s upcoming fundraiser, set for Friday night, is a rather unique one. Linnea Star, a well-known medium, will provide metaphysical message at the event that begins at 7 p.m. at the Saugus Elks. The donation is $35 and includes a medium-ship and a Chinese food buffet.

Renee Caso-Griffin and Saveria Bosak are the chairwomen of the event who are being credited with the idea of having a medium as the focal point of the fundraiser.

“They originated the idea,” said Zonta president Georgia Green. “The medium (Star) will read people who want to be read. It’s a gift that she feels that she’s always had – she can tell you things about people in your family. She comes up with some pretty remarkable data without knowing you.”

Green is serving the first year of her two-year term as the leader of the Zonta Club. She holds a graduate degree from prestigious Smith College and has been a social worker at MGH Chelsea for 25 years.

Green is predicting “a fabulous event” for those who intend to be in the company of Linnea Star Friday night.

“I think it’s going to be really different – we’ve never done anything like this and we were looking for something that would be fun. It will be a great night out.”


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