Remembering Beverly Nowicki as a Friend to All

Remembering Beverly Nowicki as a Friend to All

By Cary Shuman

St. Mary’s High School sophomore guard Christina Nowicki played in the Boverini Basketball Tournament in Lynn with a heavy heart, having lost her grandmother, Beverly Nowicki, who died on Dec. 27 after a long and courageous battle against illnesses.

Christina and her sister, Mia, a St. Mary’s 2017 graduate, a freshman at Assumption College and an All-Scholastic softball pitcher, each delivered beautiful remarks in memory of their beloved grandmother at the funeral Dec. 29 at the Welsh Funeral Home in Chelsea. Grandson John Paul Nowicki was also present at the memorial observance.

Paul Nowicki gave a heartfelt eulogy about his mother, who was a registered nurse and director of the Cottage Manor and On Broadway Nursing Homes in Chelsea.

Paul remembered how residents of the nursing home would often comment to him about the tremendous care his mother and her staff provided to the residents.

“It was overwhelming how much good she brought to everyone else,” related Paul.

Mrs. Nowicki and her husband, retired Chelsea firefighter Fred Nowicki, provided tremendous support and encouragement to Paul and his brother, Scott throughout their lives. Paul is undisputedly one of the greatest athletes in Chelsea history. He was a three-sport performer and two-sport All-Scholastic at Matignon High School and went on to earn a spot in the Division 1 Clemson University football program. Mr. and Mrs. Nowicki were at all their sons’ games beginning in Chelsea Little League and Chelsea Youth Hockey, humbly remaining in the background as Paul brought countless memories with his exploits on the field and in the rink, and the many individual awards he received.

“Scott and I always said that Mom was our  foundation,” said Paul. “Dad was the provider and the protector and mom was the foundation. Mom was everything to Scott and me and it is something that will never be replaced. In good times and bad times, mom was always there for both of us.’’

Speaking to his father, Paul noted, “As Mia and Christina said, your love for my mom, how you treated mom, how you provided for mom, how you protected mom – it inspires us every day and will continue to inspire us every day.”

Paul was elected as an alderman and city councillor in Chelsea and it was mother, a popular resident of the city and the daughter of Police Capt. Robert Renfrew, who organized those successful political campaigns.

Paul told the gathering how the doors of the family home were always open to family and friends, thanks to the warmth and kindness of his gracious mother, who made everyone feel welcomed at the Nowicki residence.

“It was always an open door at the house and there was no better time than Christmastime – mom and dad would host both sides of the family and then around 5 o’clock the doors would open and in come all the friends and those are the times I remember,” said Paul. “You realized you were a part of something bigger.”

Addressing his many friends, Paul said, “No matter when you came in to our lives, my mother always loved you guys because you were loyal to Scott and me and that meant a lot to us because my mom respected and liked you so much an that Scott and I made good decisions with our friends.”

In Beverly Nowicki, Chelsea has lost one of its most popular and well-known citizens. The children of Paul and Tracy Nowicki and the grandchildren of Fred Nowicki and Beverly Nowicki are carrying on the family’s legacy with their excellence in athletics, combined with their exemplary character, cordiality, and kindness.

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Winnisimmet Golf Tournament Saturday


Winnisimmet 38th Charity Golf Tournament members are warming up for the big event that will be held Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Lynnfield Center Golf Course. Front row, from left, are Chet Hoak, Joe Gallant, Jim Guidi, Bob Gallant, Arthur Bouchie, and Fred Nowicki. Back row, from left, are Bruce Black, Joe Shea, Steve LaRosa, Steve Tierney, Peter Steriti, Dean Spiriti, and Bob Chiuve.

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City Manager Application Deadline Comes and Goes

City Manager Application Deadline Comes and Goes

With little fanfare, the deadline for applications for the Chelsea City Manager position came and went on Tuesday night, March 31.

Officials at the Collins Center weren’t immediately available to reveal how many applications had been received, and there is a question whether or not that is public information anyhow. The names of those that have applied are certainly kept confidential – unless, of course, the applicants confirm their participation.

So far, only one applicant has chosen to disclose publicly an interest – that being former City Council President Paul Nowicki, now with the Chelsea Housing Authority (CHA).

The process will now begin in earnest and in secret. The recently chosen Screening Committee will begin regular meetings with former Lowell City Manager Bernie Lynch and the Collins Center to weed out the resumes. That process will be conducted in private, executive session meetings to protect the identity of the applicants. Once the Screening Committee decides upon four or five finalists, the process will return to the public eye.

The Screening Committee will recommend the finalists to the City Council.

The City Council will be charged with making the final decision.

City Council President Leo Robinson said he was happy with the way the process is playing out.

“The Collins Center will getting dates set to have the Screening Committee get together over the next week or two,” he said. “I think the process is going how it should be. It’s been a fair and open process. There’s nobody who has an advantage over anyone else. I know the makeup of the Screening Committee had a lot to do with one rumored candidate not gaining any sort of edge. I’ve said all along nobody has any sort of inside track in being City Manager.”

There is no set date for the Screening Committee to complete it’s work, but it has been assumed on the general timeline that by some time in May the finalists will be forwarded to the Council. It could, however, be sooner or later than that.

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