Encore Facts and Fun: Tidbits to Know About Encore on Opening Day

By Seth Daniel and Lauren Bennett

Carousel at Front

•The carousel in the front atrium is a jaw-dropping centerpiece to the front door of the building, framed in glass on three sides and having the waterfront in the background. The carousel feature is fully made out of flowers and is the largest such design attempted by any Wynn resort.

Communications Director Michael Weaver said it is larger than a similar flower carousel that exists on a Wynn property in Las Vegas. The majestic, colorful flower sculpture is punctuated in the back with sweeping curved escalators – specially made for Encore Boston Harbor and at an incredible expense compared to the traditional escalators.

Selfie Spot: Popeye Vs. Carousel

•There is still a great debate within the Encore staff as to where guests will most likely take the majority of their selfies on the resort.

Certainly the Popeye statue in the corridor headed to the function facilities is a good guess, but many believe that in Boston the hit will be the central flower carousel.

“In Las Vegas it was certainly Popeye because Las Vegas has a tremendous amount of international visitors and Popeye is such a classic American icon,” said Michael Weaver of Wynn Resorts. “I am sure there are many picture albums in England, Spain and France with a family member in a picture flexing with Popeye…Here, I think Popeye will have a lot of competition for selfies with the carousel. The carousel at Encore Boston Harbor is larger and more elaborate than the one in Las Vegas. So Popeye has his work cut out for him in Boston.”

Comfort From Bed

•The in-room controls for Encore Boston Harbor are some of the most technologically advanced systems in any Wynn property on Earth. The rooms use voice activation commands and also allow one to control virtually everything by an iPad stationed at the side of the bed.

With the iPad, one can control the temperature, the drapes in every room, the do not disturb sign on the door and even order room service. And all that without having to leave the comfort of the famous 507-thread-count sheets.

Red Card Specials

•Red Card holders will be treated to several different specials throughout the weekend. Already, those selected Red Card members were able to attend the pre-opening “Play Days” this week. However, other specials like parking onsite will be available.

Services On Site

• A sampling of the services offered at The Salon at Encore:

Women’s Design & Style—from $75

Men’s Design & Style—from $55

Updo or Formal Styling—from $125

Signature Color Service—from $150

Classic Manicure – 40 minutes, $45

Classic Pedicure – 55 minutes, $75

•A sampling of the services offered at The Spa at Encore Boston Harbor

Custom Massage – 80/95 minutes, $210/$250 Monday-Thursday; $230/275 Friday-Sunday & Holidays

Custom Made Facial – 50 minutes, $235 Monday-Thursday; $260 Friday-Sunday & Holidays.

•Body Treatments:

Espresso Mud Detoxifying Body Treatment, Moisture Drench Skin Conditioning Treatment – 50 minutes, $195 Monday-Thursday; $215 Friday-Sunday & Holidays.


Personal Training

30/60 Minutes, $85/$125

60 Minute Duo, $200

Shops on Site

•The Drugstore: selling items like snacks, sandwiches, refreshments, sundries, toiletries, wine, beer, and cigars.

•The Wynn Collection: Selection of women’s designer clothing from desires like Victoria Beckkham, Jason Wu, Yigal Azourel, Jimmy Choo, and Monolo Blahnik.

•Wynn Beauty: Selection of fragrance, cosmetics, haircare, and skincare products.

•Watches of Switzerland: Selection of men’s and women’s watches from Hublot, IWX Shaffhausen, Omega, and Panerai.

•Wynn Men’s: Selection of high end clothing and accessories from designers like Bugatchu, own Varvatos, Jimmy Choo, and Bally.

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Overnight Lane Closures on Woods Memorial Bridge

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has announced overnight upcoming double lane closures on Route 16 east and westbound between Santilli Circle in Everett and Wellington Circle in Medford.

These impacts were put in place starting each evening between the hours of 9 p.m., and 5 a.m., from Sunday May 19, through Thursday, May 23, as well as from Tuesday, May 28, through Thursday, May 30.

A minimum of one lane of traffic will remain open in each direction at all times during these operations. These impacts are necessary to allow crews and contractors to safely and effectively install the bridge joint system on the Woods Memorial Bridge.

Appropriate signage and messaging will be in place to guide drivers through the work area. Those traveling through the area should expect delays, reduce speed and use caution. The schedule for this work is weather dependent and subject to change without notice.

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Pupusa Fiesta Highlights Latino Cuisine; Ready to Roll Out on April 7

Pupusa Fiesta Highlights  Latino Cuisine; Ready to Roll  Out on April 7

Several local restaurants and the City’s Chelsea Prospers program is stepping up to celebrate all things about the pupusa this Sunday, April 7, at Emiliana Fiesta as part of the first annual Pupusa Fiesta.

As a precursor to the coming Night Market events, and a nod to the City’s Latino and Central American heritage, the City and local business owners have combined efforts to put on a free festival to highlight the stuffed corn tortilla delicacy – as well as all the trimmings that go with it.

Downtown Coordinator Mimi Graney said that five businesses have signed up to participate in the free event, where they will have pupusa samples, forchata drinks, pupusa-making demos, curtido and mariachi music.

“It’s kind of flexing our muscles to see how well we get people together and I also wanted to have a celebration of a particular food that we have in Chelsea,” said Graney.

Julio Flores of El Santaneco Restaurant said they are very excited to participate and feel it is very important that a dish like the pupusa is being highlighted.

“We’re very excited because we opened the restaurant in 2000, and since then we’ve participated in different events like Taste of Chelsea and others,” he said. “However, this is the first time it’s going to be just about the Latino cuisine – particularly the pupusa. That’s a very huge thing.”

A pupusa is a thick corn tortilla stuffed with cheese and beans – sometimes meats as well. Curtido is a common side dish with the pupusa and it is a vinegar-based slaw made of cabbage and carrots – and a touch of spiciness.

“I think the city manager and Mimi and Chelsea Prospers are doing a great job because I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think it’s the first time there is an event just about Latino food. It also opens up the opportunity for this to happen again. I would love to see this as an opportunity to start a tradition and that it won’t be a one-time event.”

He also said it gives homage to the culture in Chelsea, but a culture that is changing.

“The City is changing,” he said. “The Latino community has been in Chelsea many years.”

The Pupusa Fiesta will take place on Sunday, April 7, from 2-5 p.m. at Emiliana Fiesta, 35 Fourth St. It is a free event.

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Encore Boston Harbor Delighted With Job Fair Turnout

Encore Boston Harbor Delighted With Job Fair Turnout

As Melissa Perez has watched the Encore Boston Harbor casino get taller and taller, she never dreamed she might work there one day.

On Monday, Perez, 26, stood with a smile from ear to ear at the Encore Job Fair in the Hynes Convention Center, reveling in the good news that she likely would be hired as a pastry chef.

“I knew it would bring a lot of employment opportunities for a lot of people,” she said. “I voted for it thinking about the future. Now they are wanting to hire 5,000 people here at this fair. That’s a really big number to think about. I was all for it from the beginning, and it feels really, really good to think I have a good chance to be part of it. I’m excited to see what they have in store.”

Perez was one of thousands of potential employees, particularly from Everett, Charlestown, Chelsea and Malden, that flooded the Hynes Convention Center in the Back Bay last Sunday and Monday looking for possible employment at the casino – which is offering some 5,000 jobs in 500 different categories, and they’re jobs that need to be filled and ready by the June 23 opening date.

Perez’s enthusiasm was shared by many, and Encore President Bob DeSalvio said that the long-promised job opportunities have now become reality.

“The message is, it worked,” he said on Monday. “I was extremely impressed by the quality of applicants we saw on Sunday. We saw so many people from Everett, Chelsea, Charlestown, Boston, Medford and Malden. So many people had hoped to get an opportunity, and to see it become a reality now is really impressive. All the planning meetings and all the information for years that we’ve put out, it became real.”

DeSalvio said they had concerns of whether they could find the right people in the right numbers, but he said after this first fair, he no longer is so concerned. Many of the people they interviewed, he said, were already employed.

“I think what we’re seeing is folks looking to trade up,” he said. “Every single person I interviewed Sunday was already employed. There was a few who were in between jobs or had been laid off, but most of the folks I saw were already in a job and looking for their next opportunity.”

Like Perez, DeSalvio said applicants from the Everett and Chelsea communities were interested in being closer to home.

“The people I spoke to were very happy about a shorter commute,” he said. “Commuting has been a very big deal for people trying to get time for their family and their lives. They liked the idea of the bus lane and getting jobs where they could be close and take the bus to work.”

DeSalvio said they interviewed for nearly every position, from hotel workers to food and beverage workers to banquet supervisors to finance positions.

In the area of finance, DeSalvio said he was surprised by the vast numbers of folks looking for an opportunity with Encore.

“We had an exceptional turnout for accountants (and finance),” he said, noting that they had many from the banking industry show up for their openings.

He said they were also just looking for talented people – even if they weren’t right for the job they wanted, DeSalvio said they wouldn’t let them slip away.

“We’re trying not to let really good candidates slip out the door,” he said. “If the job they are looking for isn’t right, we can shift them to other similar areas.”

The job fair was the first of three that are planned for the Hynes, and the usual Encore energy was transferred to the Back Bay facility from the first step inside.

Applicants were greeted at the front lobby of the main hall to check in or register if they were walk-ins. If one did not have a resume printed or created, there were places on hand to get that done before going inside.

Once inside, pulsating music sounded from a live DJ in one of the back waiting rooms, while candidates registered and got their number for the initial interview. After that process, they progressed to a waiting room with comfortable couches, the live DJ, a dance floor and fresh flowers. It was there they waited for their specific job interviews – with the DJ calling their number over the music when it was time for them to interview.

Encore didn’t hire any special company to do the interviews, but rather they had all hands on deck, with current employees – including DeSalvio – handling the interview processes. Current employees from food and beverage interviewed prospective candidates from those areas.

If all went well, candidates could leave with a good assurance that they would be hired – though no jobs were given on site.

DeSalvio said they already have 400 employees on board, and they have another 1,100 that are already in the queue.

“We need about another 3,500 and we saw 2,100 people on Sunday,” he said. “I think we’ll do quite well on Monday too. Based on the numbers of applicants we’ve seen, it tells me we can get there. As long as we keep up this pace at the other hiring events.”

He also added they have been very pleased with the success of the dealer school at Cambridge College in Charlestown. They have about 150 that have graduated and the next session is full already.

“That’s going to be 300 folks that will have gone through and be ready for employment as a dealer on day one,” he said. “That is excellent. The instructors tell me they are quality students. They are learning the game and infusing the culture of the company too…It’s not just the mechanics of the game, but how we treat our guests.”

From the point of hiring, those who are “onboarded” will have a series of licenses from the state or qualifications to get through. Once that is done, they will begin reporting for their jobs in late May and early June – with some of the culinary positions starting in late April.

DeSalvio said they will go through extensive on-site training because things have to be perfect when they open. While there will always be mistakes, at the five-star level, a resort has to be top quality on day one.

“I has to be ready,” he said. “That’s one reason we bring folks on so early.”

Encore plans to have another large hiring event at the Hynes Convention Center in mid-March.

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Walk for Life

Walk for Life

Leonard Florence Center for Living (LFCFL) resident Patrick O’ Brien and a group of supporters make their way through the course during the 10th annual LFCFL Walk for Life on Admiral’s Hill last Sunday, Sept. 30. The walk was reported to be the biggest and most exciting since its inception 10 years ago.

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Chief: Chelsea Dispatch Erred in Accident on Mystic/Tobin

Chief: Chelsea Dispatch Erred in Accident on Mystic/Tobin

The failure of Chelsea Fire apparatus to be dispatched to a serious motor vehicle accident with an ejection on the southbound Mystic/Tobin Bridge Sunday is being blamed on a dispatch error.

The accident occurred in the southbound lane on the Tobin further into Charlestown on Sunday, and one of the occupants was ejected from the vehicle in a serious accident.

Typically, as the long-standing agreement goes, on any Tobin emergency, Boston crews head northbound, and Chelsea crews head southbound due to the easier access for each community in those directions. That is the case even when the emergency is further back on the bridge in Chelsea or Charlestown.

However, during the ejection accident on Sunday, Chelsea crews did not make it there, and some postulated that it was because Boston hadn’t notified Chelsea.

Not so, said Chief Len Albanese.

“This isn’t a Boston Fire issue,” he said. “On this call it was a Chelsea Dispatch error. Boston did notify our dispatch and they had the information but did not send it out. This can’t happen. We have to do a further investigation as well, but this was a Chelsea Dispatch error that we are working to correct.”

Chief Albanese said they have spoken with the 9-1-1 Director about the issue, and the chief wants to re-open the policy regarding the Tobin to make sure everyone is aware that Chelsea goes southbound on all accidents.

“We are going to update the policy immediately and work on the specifics of it,” he said.

The crash happened on Sunday morning on the Cana Ramp with two cars and was listed as very serious due to the fact one person was ejected. The ramp was closed for some time.

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The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch


Marisa Yee, 6, painting on the ice at the Cronin Skating Rink during the first New Year’s Eve Paint & Skate event on Sunday afternoon, an event put on by the Chelsea Recreational and Cultural Division. The event was a great success and many Chelsea families enjoyed the afternoon.

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Halloween Ready

Halloween Ready


Ready to conquer Halloween was Miley Rodriguez, who dressed up as Batgirl and was determined to win a prize during the 13th annual Community School Halloween Party on Sunday, Oct. 29. Halloween parties and trick or treating was everywhere in the city this past week.

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